Saturday, June 17, 2017

Far-Left Liberal Takes In Muslim Refugee then Reality painfully sets in

Barber was initially ecstatic to take in mohammed, who claimed to be a persecuted Sundanese political refugee. The muslim migrant told Barber that he was granted asylum status after sneaking into the UK through people-smugglers and, after being detained by Italian authorities, freely traveled to Britain as a refugee.
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 Painfully, however, the hard truth  of muhammad's supposed refugee status surfaced.
Barber explained that mohammed became violent, belligerent and aggressive, trashed her home, began smuggling drugs into his room, ran up her internet bill downloading excessive amounts of gay-pornography.  He also continuously abused the taxpayer-funded medical and welfare benefits he was so generously given. mohammed informed Barber that although she owned the house, he was going to “expect her to cat like his mother,” which  he said, entailed her being subserviant to him in all things. He was now the boss of the house sinc4e he was a muclim male and she was only a woman. She would also have to do all the chores and pay all the bills. 

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Then came the kicker. When Mohammed discovered that Barber was going to publish a memoir about her ordeal to “show readers you don’t have to be a saint to take in a refugee — you just have to have a spare room,” he flew into a rage and mocked her stupidity by confessing that he’s not a real refugee but a welfare leech who comes from a wealthy muslim family.

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This man admits he only came to Europe to abuse stupid westerners and their free government benefits. He admitted that if he stayed in his homeland, he would have had to get a job and actually work.

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Yet because of the political correctness and stupidity of England and the rest of Europe, muslim leeches like mohammed are destroying Western societies...

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