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The REAL reason CORRUPT New York US Attorney Preet Bharara was FIRED

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Corrupt New York Senator Charles Schumer was instrumental in getting his lackey Preet Bharara appointed to the position of federal prosecutor and in return Preet was EXPECTED to do the bidding of the senator and his allies. Until recently, President Trump had no idea what was really going on. Once President Trump’s staff understood the quid pro quo, by the law of the land President Trump demanded Bharara’s immediate resignation.

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In 2015, Puerto Rico (knowingly) defaulted on $70 billion in municipal bonds. Those involved panicked. There was ample evidence that the issuing agencies were technically bankrupt when they issued the bonds and that they purchased fraudulent credit ratings from Moody’s Fitch and S&P. Wall Street’s biggest banks then KNOWINGLY sold junk bonds to innocent investors, labeling them as safe investments. Everyone made a ton of money, except the innocent investors.

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The sheer evidence of this massive criminal act was overwhelming. Nearly a hundred lawsuits and complaints to the FBI and SEC were streaming in. Dozens of Wall Street executives could go (SHOULD HAVE GONE) to prison. This was out right FRAUD and THEFT on a State scale.

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The (GUILTY) Wall Street executives went to Senator Schumer and demanded two things: that no criminal investigations or prosecutions be considered and that he somehow limit the bondholders’ rights to keep them from suing.
The sheer fraud could not be hidden; congressmen and senators were made fully aware of the out right fraud that had occurred  in Puerto Rico.  Senator Schumer; owing his friends on Wallstreet  gathered, Elizabeth Warren, Senator Blumenthal and Senator Feinstein for a cover up. In January 2016, they submitted a rider to the energy bill that would prevent the bondholders from suing.  All four politicians (Should be arrested and jailed) were quickly rewarded and the Wall Street contributions poured in.

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 US Attorney Bharara, beholden to New York Senator Charles Schumer, was tasked with making sure that ANY and ALL investigations, into the massive fraud and theft, would be sidetracked and ABSOLUTELY no prosecutions would take place. 

Even with the discovery of hundreds of  felonies related to the issuance of this $70 billion in bonds, the Department of Justice WILLFULLY ignored the evidence and sidetrack all efforts by their field agents to prosecute.  Preet Bharara was paying back his benefactor as per the agreed quid pro quo.

The four senators continued to press for a prohibition of law suits, confiscation of what was left of the $70 billion in bond proceeds and a revocation of all the bond holders’ legal rights. They got what they were hoping for in the PROMESA legislation. The politicians then went on to shape an argument that whatever money was left that was not already stolen should be given to underfunded union pensions.

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The level of corruption between the bond issuers, the rating agencies, the major Wall Street banks, the DOJ and our politicians would make the mafia blush.

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Preet Bharara was given a treasure trove of documents, testimonies, and hard evidence of the OUT RIGHT FRAUD plus over 10,000 pages of documentary evidence. Preet Bharara ignored it all, he prosecuted no one. Not one single person went to jail despite a mountain of irrefutable evidence.    A second year law student with brain damage could have convicted all parties under our current RICO statutes yet Preet Bharara knowingly looked the other way. Preet Bharara should be in prison along with his master
New York Senator Charles Schumer. 

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