Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Weaponized Text

MSNBC host says it is their "job to control what people think." The paid talking heads at the infotainment outlets just showed their hands.  Remember all Media in the united States is owned by 6 companies. These 6 companies are run and owned by 14 Billionaires. ALL of your infotainment news is crafted, filtered, and neutered by the will of these men. 


Julian Assange said it best...

 'When You Read a Newspaper Article, watch a mainstream news show, or listen to public broadcasting radio You Are Reading, watching, listening to Weaponized Text.' 

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Here are the men who tell you what to think in America today 

Michael Bloomberg - Bloomberg  LP and Bloomberg Media

Rupert Murdoch - News Corp

Donald and Samuel "Si" Newhouse

Cox Family - Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Jeff Bezos - The Washington Post

   John Henry - The Boston Globe

Sheldon Adelson - The Las Vegas Review-Journal

Joe Mansueto - Inc. and Fast Company magazines

Mortimer Zuckerman - US News & World Report, New York Daily News

Barbey family - Village Voice

Stanley Hubbard – Hubbard Broadcasting

 Patrick Soon-Shiong - Tribune Publishing Co.

Carlos Slim Helu - The New York Times

Warren Buffett - regional daily papers

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