Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The American Dream is dead for everyone, but BILLIONAIRES

The above video is  about the current U.S. national debt produced by Citizens Against Government Waste.  The video is so filled with the truth that it has been banned by all of the major networks in America.   Apparently telling the truth about the crushing U.S. national debt is considered inflammatory. 

When did yelling..."Fire!" in a burning building become too controversial for prime-time watching Americans. 

After the last 3 TRILLION dollar bail out to the Big-Banks I think it's time to tell the American people the truth.  In 1986, the U.S. national debt was around 2 trillion dollars. Today, thanks to the incompetent obama the United States debt is over 20 TRILLION and climbing.  
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The American Dream is dead for everyone, but the BILLIONAIRES at the top of the food chain.  The Walton's the owners of Walmart reap tens of  BILLIONS each year by paying their employees a sub standard wage, no benefits, and no hope of ever achieving a livable wage while working at Walmart. 

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As if that wasn't bad enough that nearly 80% of Walmart employees are on either Welfare or food-stamps or BOTH!

 The American tax payer is forced to subsidizes the employees of Walmart all so the Walton family can continue to rob the American people.  
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The above video is set in the year 2030. The the main character is a Chinese professor who is seen lecturing his students on the fall of great empires. As images of the United States are shown on a screen behind him, the Chinese professor tells his students the following about the behavior of great empires:

 "They all make the same mistakes. Turning their backs on the principles that made them great." 

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 "America tried to spend and spend and spend itself out of a great recession. President obama enacted HUGE,  "stimulus bills" spending money the United States did not have.  Then, obama began spending massive amounts of money to provide sub-standard health care. He then foolishly spent even more money on government takeover of private industries. 
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 obama, had spent more Federal money in 8 short years then all his predecessors, in their 251 years combined.  

When President Trump took office it was too late to save the once great nation. The Kenyan had done so much damage there was not enough time to fix things before the economy collapsed.
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The Chinese Professor smirks and finishes the video by saying...

 "China owned most of the American's financial debt, so now the Americans 
kneel before us as our slaves!" 

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