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NOT a muslim Ban

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Last Friday, Trump issued an executive order that banned citizens from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen from entering the US. The seven Muslim-majority countries targeted in President Trump's executive order on immigration were initially identified as "countries of concern" under the Obama administration.
Lets be honest for one second. Put aside rhetoric, emotional arguments, and lets simply look at the facts. 
On Friday afternoon, a US District Court judge in Washington state ruled that the combined cases put forward by Washington and Minnesota provided evidence that the executive order has caused immediate harm. (To who? Show me, quantify your remarks)  Judge James Robart also said that the lawsuit has substantial likelihood of success in challenging the constitutionality of the order, the Seattle Times reported.
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On Monday, Ferguson became the first state attorney general to file a lawsuit against Trump, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and high-ranking Trump administration officials; on Wednesday, Minnesota joined the suit as a plaintiff.

In their complaint, the states argued that the executive order “was motivated by animus and a desire to harm a particular group,” and that “the discriminatory terms and application of the Executive Order are arbitrary and cannot be justified by federal interests.” As such, the order is unconstitutional and violated the visa-holders’ rights, they said. (The facts do NOT support this statement)
Robart’s restraining order covers the whole country for at least two weeks until the preliminary injunction hearing.
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My question is... 'Who has President Trump's executive order has harmed?'  All it did was put the brakes on open immigration till proper vetting procedures are put in place, only for countries with KNOWN Islamic terror problems.  Who exactly was harmed?  Was anyone shot, killed, murdered, beheaded, thrown off buildings for being gay? (Nope, sorry that only happens in islamic countries in the middle east) 
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 NO, people were simply detained for further questioning.  Lets look at the 7 countries, which were identified as "countries of concern" under the Obama administration.  In February of 2016, the Obama Administration selected Libya, Yemen, and Somalia Iran, Syria, Iraq and Sudan to be placed on a list of "countries of concern," which placed some restrictions on Visa Waiver Program travel on those who had visited the countries after March 1, 2011.
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What the liberal press and rouge judges are not saying is that there are many other Muslim-majority countries not included in the ban.
 A total of 46 Muslim-majority countries that are not in this seven. Approximately 1.1 BILLION muslims are not in ANYWAY part of this "countries of concern," restrictions on Visa Waiver Program travel.  
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You don't hear that from anyone in the main stream press.  If President Trump was actually enacting a muslim ban don't you think those other 46 countries, 1.1 BILLION muslims would be on that list?  The truth is the far left liberals are framing the story as a David versus Goliath, with poor innocent muslims caught in the cross fire.  Again, this is all LIES...sound bites and spin on the part of the Democrats. 

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The truth is the Trump Administration is simply enforcing previously existing travel restrictions put in place by obama in 2016.  Yet, NO where are you going to hear the truth. No where in the liberal press OR from Left leaning Judges (Judge James Robart) who are abusing their power by denying this nation the right to protect it citizens from dangerous islamic terrorists. 

Do you think that if the United States is attacked by another 9/11 style islamic terrorists operation these liberal judges(Judge James Robart) and the ACLU will be blamed for letting in this blood thirsty terrorists?  No, the blame will fall squarely on President Trump's shoulders for failing to protect America.  Wake up America the Main-Stream-Media is lying through their teeth to further the globalist agenda.  What American's don't hear OFTEN enough is that islam by the very words of the koran has only one goal in mind...the death and destruction of Western society.  

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