Sunday, February 12, 2017

94 Illegals located in North Carolina RAPED and Sexually Assaulted young Children and Infants

In One Month the ABOVE 94 Illegals located in North Carolina RAPED and Sexually Assaulted young Children, some infants.  Some of the children were their own family members.  These are the immigrants the liberal left want to bring in by the millions.  


These are the illegal immigrants that the far left are lobbying for and fighting to force down the throats of honest, hard working, tax paying Americans.  After all, it's not like the rich liberals would EVER allow these illegal immigrants into their privately policed, gated neighborhoods. 


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The obama's, after leaving the White House, are currently building imposing massive brick and iron walls around their new $5.3million home in Kalorama. After all the obama's don't want to be living next to poor people or to be bothered by illegal immigrants.  No, the obama's also have the added benefit have having FREE government security thanks to the Secret Service.  An illegal immigrant would not get within 20 miles of obama's private gated community. 

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The American traitor Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg recently criticized the "fearful voices calling for building walls" during his opening remarks at the company's developer conference Tuesday in San Francisco.  

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 Yet, quietly, while no one is looking the Facebook founder is having a multi-million dollar wall built to keep out poor people from trampling upon his perfectly manicured lawns. 

He also has a massive armed private security force protecting him night and day. 

Though, isn't it nice that Zuckerberg has poor people building his wall to keep out other poor people.

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Then you have Billionaires building “indestructible” safe houses protected by heavily armed, personal security forces, situated on protected lands, which are off limits to poor people and illegal immigrants.   

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 Yet, these same BILLIONAIRES who want to import cheap foreign labor into America to work in their factories and companies whine and complain because you don't want murdering raping illegal immigrants living next door to you. 

They want you and I living like this...

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