Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Race baiting Al Sharpton's march against Trump fails miserably

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The great DIVIDER Al Sharpton’s been getting rich by pushing hate and the RACE CARD in America for decades. Even before obama gave him the unofficial title of Secretary of Race baiting, Sharpton was out pushing racially divisive issues so he could make a buck on the misery of others. Now that obama is THANKFULLY gone, Sharpton has very little to tide him over.  Sharpton has accomplished absolutely nothing on behalf of the black community. Modern black leaders are finally waking up to the truth of Reverend Al's  hustling and jiving, all of which he does, so that he can stuff money in his pockets. 
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The president of the National Black Church Initiative told members of the network’s 34,000 Afro-American churches to Skip Al Sharpton’s March on Washington 1-20-2017.  NBCI’s statement, released a day before Sharpton’s march, called out Sharpton for squandering his “carte blanche access” to the obama White House, claiming that he “wasted a golden opportunity to secure critical issues that affect the African American community.” Instead of pursuing meaningful changes, “Al Sharpton and his liberal friends took their time to line their pockets and get rich."
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Tawana Brawley and the Rev. Al Sharpton at a protest in 1988 accusing four white men of having raped her. All LIES made up so Tawana and Reverend Al could cash in on a big settlement.

On Saturday morning, NBCI’s members reached out to express their thoughts on Sharpton's call to march...

“They’re asking our churches to pay for busing, for hotel rooms, for meals and then Sharpton wants us to march for him, so that he looks like he's the head of all African Americans.   Al Sharpton did NOTHING for us when they’ve had all the power, money, and influence  for the past eight years? 

Al Sharpton wants us to legitimize him and his giant ego.  Let me ask you...Where was Al Sharpton when 700 African-Americans were murdered in Chicago last year? Answer..No where! Cause he can't make any money off of Black on Black crime.  

Today, African-American Church organizations are holding Al Sharpton accountable. We’re not lining up for Al Sharpton like toy soldiers, so that he looks like he's still influential in the African-American community. 

Al Sharpton is all about Sharpton and what he can get for himself.   African Americans have created our own agenda apart from him, we don't need a divisive race baiter pretending that he's some how in charge of all African Americans!"
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In the past, NBCI has said that the Democratic Party has not met the needs of its black constituents, slamming both Sharpton and the National Black Caucus.  NBCI’s political influence reaches 34,000 affiliate churches which have 15.7 million members, spanning 15 denominations and 48 states.
NBCI’s VOCAL takedown of Sharpton comes as he has struggled to draw a crowd to his March on Washington on Saturday.

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 Al Sharpton was also a rat who informed to the FBI against his own friends and associates

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Mr Dacus said...

You said, "Modern black leaders are finally waking up to the truth of Reverend Al's hustling..."

People aren't "finally waking up" to Al Sharpton, he has ALWAYS been rejected. It's the MEDIA that's actually 'finally' covering it.