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islam is a religion of violence and hatred toward all women

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Once again Lamiya Haji Bashar had tried to escape her tormentors. And once again, the Yazidi teenager had been caught.

A judge in Mosul’s sharia court stared at her. After being told Lamiya kept trying to escape – this time she had been caught leading a breakout of several other girls seized by the terror group – he made his ruling. 

‘He said that either they must kill me or cut off my foot to stop me escaping,’ 

So how did she respond to such a terrifying sentence? 

‘I told him that if you cut off one foot then I will escape with the other. I told the judge I would never give up. So they replied they would keep on torturing me if I tried to escape.’
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She showed immense bravery, yet it was typical of this remarkable teenager. Eventually her life – and her feet – were saved by a senior IS official, who argued that she should be sold to a new ‘owner.’

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Lamiya was one of the several thousand Yazidi women and girls condemned to sex slavery, traded like animals and abused by barbarous fanatics. Another year of fear, agony and assaults lay ahead of her, held captive by a cruel surgeon, who traded kidnapped women and children when not stitching up wounded jihadist.

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But now Lamiya is free, though even her escape was etched in pain and tragedy. She was injured in an explosion that left extensive physical scars on her face to go with the deep psychological scars on her mind.
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I met Lamiya in a quiet hotel in Germany, where this extraordinary, softly spoken young woman told me her story – a tale of savagery far beyond anyone’s worst nightmare.

She heard her father and brothers being shot, was enslaved by their cruel killers, and then beaten and raped for almost two years by a succession of older men.
During her time trapped in the IS heartland of Syria and northern Iraq, Lamiya saw children sold to old men as sex slaves, and she was forced to help make suicide bombs. 
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At one point Lamiya was thrown into a room to be gang-raped by 40 fanatics. Yet she never buckled. ‘These men were more than monsters,’ she says. ‘That’s why I stayed strong, because I wanted to challenge the life they gave me.’

When IS swept into Mosul, Iraq’s second city, 80 miles west of Kocho, elders realised their village might become caught up in the spiralling conflict, but they never thought peaceful civilians like them would be targeted. 
However, in early August 2014, after capturing the nearby city of Sinjar, two cars filled with IS fighters arrived. 
‘They asked us to convert, but said they would do no harm,’ Lamiya says. The village was surrounded, yet a few families managed to flee.

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Then, on August 15, a large force of black-clad men stormed the village – locals recognised some as those from nearby towns.

Everyone was ordered into the school, stripped of all their possessions, and females were taken to the first floor.
‘I was so scared. I was thinking of my father, my family, my life.  Then they took all our men, fathers, sons, brothers and slaughtered them like animals.’
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The girl in the above picture was forced to recite the koran while she was being gang raped. When they finished with her, they slit he throat and called her a whore. 

It was the last time she saw her father and two brothers. ISIS told the terrified women that the men were being sent to Mount Sinjar, where many Yazidi had sought refuge. ‘Ten minutes later we heard the shooting start,’ recalls Lamiya.

The men were slaughtered in their own streets. Then the women were split up: married women and younger children were taken to nearby Tal Afar, while unmarried women and teenagers were sent to Mosul. Older women, ugly women, disabled women, sick women and girls were made to lie down in a ditch and were shot dead the next day.

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Lamiya and three of her sisters soon got a taste of the fate that lay ahead. ‘The men began attacking us, ripping our clothes, roughly touching us and kissing us.’

In Mosul, the captives were forced into a big building filled with hundreds of similar-aged Yazidi. It turned out to be a market for militants to buy sex slaves. ‘Men came all the time to choose girls. If someone refused to go, they were beaten bloody with heavy cables.  It was so painful to see these old men, these monsters, raping the girls out in the open. Even girls of nine and ten were crying and begging not to be attacked.

 I can’t describe how horrible it was to not be able to do anything to stop them.  Watching a 6 year old girl being raped by a group of 60-70 year old men out in the open kills a little piece of your soul.’

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A Saudi man in his 40s bought Lamiya and one of her sisters, taking them to the ISIS stronghold of Raqqa and keeping them handcuffed much of the time. ‘He was a very bad man,’ she says.
‘He beat us for the three days we were with him.'

‘ His teeth were rotted and his body odor was overwhelming. He had not bathed in weeks and was covered in lice and scabs.  Once he tried to kill me with his hands around my neck because I rejected his advances.’

To soften up the sisters, the man took the pair to an ISIS base and threw them into a room. ‘There were about 40 fighters who raped us. Sometimes in groups, sometimes one after another after another.  Every sick perverted deed that came into their minds was forced upon my sister and I without any breaks.  You can’t imagine the horror of two small girls left at the hands of so many monsters. Terrible things happened to us at the hands of these muslims.'

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Afterwards the girls were sold to different fighters, fetching about £100 each. Lamiya ended up with an even more brutal man from Mosul.
Although kept in a locked room, she made the first of five escape attempts when alone in an apartment by jumping from a window. Spotting a local man, she begged him for help and he took her to hide in his home for three days.

‘The family asked if a relative could come and pick me up, but they were all in captivity. The family was afraid of Daesh/ISIS, so after three days the man called two fighters, betraying me. He told them that he had found a girl.’

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Her ‘owner’ was quickly tracked down thanks to a computerized registration system used by ISIS to record sales of women. Before being handed back, Lamiya was tortured and sodomized  by six men. Bleeding from every orifice, eyes swollen from crying, her furious master beat her viciously for defying him.

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After her second escape attempt, the man sold her. When I tell Lamiya she was obviously trouble, she smiles shyly for the first time. 

‘Every time I tried to escape they tortured me, but it made me stronger. I never gave up.  I saw so many atrocities, so many crimes. This gave me the power to keep fighting against them.’

She was taken by a white-haired man from Mosul, who lived with his wife and son. ‘I begged him you cannot take me into your family as a slave. Please don’t do things with me there. He laughed saying that the prophet muhammad gave all muslims the right to own sex slaves.  He also said that women are not to speak because they are only property.  Then, like a hundred muslims before him... he beat me and raped me.'

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‘I once asked his wife and mother to help protect me from the sexual abuse, but they said that was his right since I was an infidel. She told me that all infidels like Christians and Jews are worth less then nothing in the eyes of Islam.'

This man held her for two months. Later Lamiya discovered he had another wife: a blonde, blue-eyed younger woman who spoke German. ‘She was very nice but I could not believe she accepted this man. She said it was allah who commanded her husband to do these things. So to be a good muslim was to own sex slaves. She accepted it because it was the will of allah.’

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After another escape attempt, Lamiya was passed on to an IS emir. ‘Each man was worse than the one before, everyone said I was difficult, so they beat me from the start. They were always beating me, raping me, sodomizing me, always abusing me.’

The IS leader was an expert bomb-maker, with a big basement in Mosul filled with cars, liquid explosives and electrical equipment. Lamiya was made to work beside men making suicide vests.  She was taught to connect the wiring as they churned out 50 devices each day.

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As she worked, she heard air raids and missiles exploding nearby.

‘I hoped they would attack us and we would die, I wanted to end my suffering. I also wanted them to destroy this terrible place because it was making bombs to kill innocent people.’ 

At one point, when some other Yazidi girls were bought down to the basement, Lamiya persuaded them all to make a dash for freedom. This led to another brutal beating and her being hauled before the sharia court.

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She was later kept by a surgeon, who made her run errands in his hospital. Eventually, he gave her a mobile phone so that he could summon her, but Lamiya used it to contact an uncle in Kurdistan.

At that point, she was being held close to the Kurdish front line, and her uncle paid a smuggler $7,500 (about £6,100) to get her out.

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She walked through the night with Katherine, another teenager from Kocho, and a nine-year-old girl called Almas. But at 4am, Katherine inadvertently stepped on a mine, killing her and the nine-year-old, and leaving Lamiya with her terrible injuries.
All Lamiya remembers after the explosion was very little, which happened nine months ago. Kurdish soldiers carried her to hospital, where doctors were forced to remove one of her eyes. They also treated her wounds before her uncle came for her. 

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Later she was taken to Germany by Luftbrucke Irak (Air Bridge Iraq), a charity that helps children and terror victims. The charity funded two more operations, restoring some sight to her left eye, and laser treatment to soften her facial scars.

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Unsurprisingly, Lamiya remains traumatized and is plagued by hoffific nightmares. ‘I think about the suffering of all those other girls who are still there, trapped in hell. ’ she says through bitter tears.

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