Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Yet another Young German Girl pays the Price for islam's bloody war against women

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Germany pays a heavy price for islam's bloody war against German women.

Maria Ladenburger a young vibrant 17 year old helped out at a refugee center in her spare time.  It is unclear if she was known to her alleged murderer.

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 The murder is in the photo above left

The teenager was snatched from her bike brutally beat, raped and then had her head held under water till she drowned.  Her rapist and murder a muslim immigrant tossed her lifeless body into the cold dark Dreisam River on October 16.

An Afghan muslim refugee was arrested on Friday and will go before the courts next year. He has confessed to murder.
After Maria’s body was discovered, cops searched a bush nearby and found an 18.5cm-long strand of black hair that had partially been dyed blonde.

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Maria’s scarf was found at the bottom of a riverbed. When DNA from the hair and scarf were checked by police they found no matches.  Cops later checked CCTV and saw an her rapist and murder a muslim immigrant on a local tram who had long black hair dyed partially blonde – similar to that of the one found in the bush.

When officers brought him in and checked his DNA they found it matched the samples from the crime scene.

Officers are NOW investigating if the muslim immigrant is responsible for ANOTHER rape and murder of another woman in Endinge, 18 miles away from Freiburg, at the beginning of November.

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Maria Ladenburger murder should be laid at the feet of Merkel who allowed these blood thirsty raping muslims into Germany in the first place.  The sad part is that German state media refuses to run this story because they do not want to offend muslims. 

What happened to the rights of German women?

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