Monday, December 26, 2016

Trump's War with the New Global World Order

Here it is right here out in the open.  Look at the message and read between the lines...

1. The word 'unfiltered' means that it is information which has not been propagandized or spun for the benefit of the power brokers in Washington.  
2. 'Decades old Washington tradition' means an entrenched power structure set in place to make sure only THEIR message gets out.
3. 'Relies on protocol'  means that there are rules in place which will NEVER allow the President to disseminate information which would be damaging to the Washington power elite.
4. 'A loss of transparency' means that Trump could potentially expose the White house  press core for what it is; corporate mouth pieces, highly paid to keep the American people uninformed/ignorant/misinformed.  
5. 'Conduit for information to the people' means that the President elect, as those before him, are expected to be nothing more then a puppet on a string dancing to his pay masters tune.  
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Trump, by taking his own messages and by passing the Washington power structure will be met with dangerous resistance. Trump MUST tread carefully, so that, he does not stumble and fall into any of the traps being laid for him by the Democrat sycophants.  
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There is a reason why obama is NOT leaving Washington. His paymasters are not happy with his abysmal progress for their globalist plans.  So, now instead of riding into the sunset obama is going to have to stay in Washington and battle Trump in every way conceivable and a few which are not. 
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The globalists are going to impeach Trump or barring that, will see him roundly defeated in 2020.  Donald Trump winning the election is simple the beginning of the war between him the entrenched Washington lackey's for the New Global World Order.  
If you wish to know the players of  the New Global World Order simply look at Merkel and what she is doing to Germany.  She is destroying Germany from within, so that in 50 years Germany will no longer be a European nation. Germany will be a European country that is entirely middle eastern.  You have the same thing happening in Canada with Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau who is flooding the country with middle eastern immigrants.  The same is happening in England, where the most popular name for boys two years running is muhammad. 

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Once Europe falls, then Americawill fall next.  It was Hillary Clinton's job, once elected,  to flood America with middle eastern men destabilizing the country and preparing it for globalization.  Once a people have no roots, no history, no family ties to the past they will accept anything. 

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