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Mark of the Beast Will Start with the Disabled and the Children

A STEALTH bill purported to help those with developmental disabilities would allow government agencies to locate people with tracking devices, which has some concerned the measure gives the federal government too much authority and power.
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The legislation would permit the Justice Department to award grants to law enforcement agencies and non-profits for training and tracking devices to find individuals with autism or seniors with Alzheimer’s who have wandered away.

The bill has garnered the support of Democrats who say it would promote public safety and address the critical need of being able to locate these individuals.
However, some are concerned the measure goes too far. The bill’s original language authorized the Attorney General to insert tracking chips into individuals involuntarily.

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“It is almost too absurd to believe that it is true, but the House Judiciary Committee is considering H.R. 4919 that would allow for the Attorney General to authorize tracking chips to be inserted AGAINST the WILL of the INDIVIDUAL. Once the government has decided that , FOR ANY REASON, that you are some how disabled you WILL BE chipped with a geo-location device.

According to a staffer who is familiar with the legislation, the language in the bill has been changed to ensure that tracking devices are not invasive or permanent, and would be voluntary.   That is until the bill is later amended and then it WILL BE mandatory that an individual will be chipped against their will.

The government would also be prevented from making a database. The attorney general would still be able to decide who could receive these tracking devices and would have access to the data. Did you just see that?  The government is going to be prevented from making a database...then in the very next sentence...the government would decide who would have access to the database. 
The whole point of putting a chip into someone would be useless if there as no database actually tracking said individual. 

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“The new language calls for ‘non-invasive and non-permanent types of tracking devices,'” said Robert Romano, senior editor of Americans for Limited Government. “But that is still not good enough, because once the bill is LAW it can be AMENDED at any time. 

This bill is something the globalists have been wanting since the advent of the computer age.   The Rockefeller institute said that chipping everyone on the planet is one of their stated goals.  Lets face it no matter how well-intentioned this program is, having it overseen by the government is just asking for it to be abused.  There is no sane reason that the attorney general or any other government employee should be electronically tracking people as if they were cattle.

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The H.R. 4919 bill is a devastating and egregious attack on civil liberties. Once this bill or any other like it becomes law it is only a matter of time before it is amended and then mandatory.  The Globalists HATE freedom and seek to crush it at every turn. A bill such as this, and others like it represent a diabolical overreach of the federal government. Hitler promoted gun confiscation using the safety of the children as a catch phrase.  The Orwellian filth that salivate to enslave the entire planet under crushing boot heels always appeal to humanities better angels when persuading people to voluntarily surrender their GOD given rights and freedoms. 

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It's only later in the gulags and in the concentration camps that people wake up and understand that freedom once surrendered is NEVER returned. There is no reason in the world that Americans, or for that matter, any other nationality on the planet, should ever give the government permission to place electronic chains around our necks.    

Not for the children, not for the disabled, not for the elderly, not for anyone or any thing, should you allow the government to take from you your GOD given right to be free. Freedom is the most expensive of all ideals, because the price for freedom is always blood...river and oceans of blood.  

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The price, the high cost to defeat the NAZI's during WWII was 60 million lives. That 60 million individuals who gave their lives to keep the world free from Adolf Hitler constitutes 300 million liters of blood, an entire ocean of blood to break the yoke of NAZI Fascism.  All of that could have been averted had the German people stood up to a Dictator and refuse to give up their personal liberties.   

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