Tuesday, December 20, 2016

End the threat of Hillary Clinton once and for all

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President Elect Donald Trump should take time to end the threat of Hillary Clinton once and for all. There is a stern warning in combat that you should never leave a wounded snake at your heal. A wounded enemy is a very dangerous creature; especially one that is proven to be ruthless, cruel, and has left a large number of of dead bodies in her wake. 

Hillary and Bill Clinton must be dealt with in the strongest possible terms. You can include obama in that mix, because he has just announce that he is NOT leaving Washington D.C.  obama gave a farcical reason that his adopted children wish to finish school in Washington D.C.  The real reason is that obama and his globalists handlers are digging political trenches, because they have EVERY intention of fighting a gorilla warfare style insurgency in the media.

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Though, the Clinton's and obama have lost the power base of the White House they still have powerful friends in banking, and billionaire globalists backers who would not think twice about crashing the world's economy just to punish Trump and his supporters. 

With all the US major media outlets owned by far left globalists it won't be long before an OP-ED page suggests the idea of impeachment.  The suggestion would not even need a bases in reality for the far left to begin to salivate over the idea.  As such, it would be better for Americans and President Trump if Hillary was buried under a mountain of legal troubles or better yet the threat of actual jail time. 

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Donald Trump like every politician wants to be popular. I'm sure he wants to be seen as a friendly, generous, considerate, thoughtful, accessible, caring and compassionate. Yet, the master strategist Machiavelli wrote that 

“Every Leader ought to desire to be considered compassionate and not cruel.”
Machiavelli, also warns that one should not place too much faith in compassion don’t go overboard:

“Take care not to over estimate the worth of compassion.”

Not one to mince words Machiavelli in Chapter XVII: Concerning Cruelty and Clemency, and Whether it is Better to be Loved Than Feared, don’t worry about others seeing you as cruel and heartless. 

“So long as he keeps his people united and loyal, a Leader ought not to mind gaining the reputation for a strong fist…”
History bears this out...rulers who show too much compassion, end up looking weak and causing  turmoil and disorder.  The wolves, far left liberals, Clinton Crimes family, the Kenyan, muslims, African warlords, can not be sated with kindness, nor placated with subservience and apologies. 

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To avoid chaos and restore order, a few sharp examples of a well-used Justice system are all that is necessary; no need to overdo it.  Ten or twenty heavy jail sentences for those who have committed high crimes and misdemeanors in office should do the tick. 
“With a few exemplary jail sentences, Trump would be more judicious than those who, through too much mercy, would allow treacherous villains time to set their plans in motion.  These traitors, left unchecked, harm the nation and it's people with their plots and machinations .  

A few acts of incarceration, disbarment, asset forfeiture followed by long probation sentences is a combination of economy and effectiveness. While, it only affects the individual, the entire population of globalists and far left liberals will get the intended message.

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Good people are often compassionate, yet lack a strong backbone when it comes to punitive actions. Once you act WEAK by placating the far left liberals, the Clinton Crime family, the Kenyan, muslims, African warlords, Iranian clerics, they will NEVER fear you nor will they respect you.  

Your kindness, no matter how genuine, will be looked at as weakness.  The kenyan and his globalist handlers will become emboldened and begin to agitate in the media demanding more and more of the political landscape.  

 Overindulgence only encourages ravenous wolves who intend on the disruption of the state regardless of peace overtures.They care not for the welfare of the nation nor it's people; their only focus is their own naked unrestrained ambition.

Without pause they must be firmly disabused, by all legal means, of any further actions against the President elect and by extension the American people. 

This is the only sure path forward...

                                                     Robert D Anding III

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