Monday, November 07, 2016

The Republic holds it breath

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In this late hour the Republic holds it breath as the future, of this once great nation, lies in peril.  

A lesser person inadequate in ability, character, lacking even a modicum or whit of decency imperils this nation, one and all. This person has long clung haphazardly to coattails and dresses, stained by lewd behavior and crass manners. Even, surrounded by his betters, he was only capable of lasciviously rutting in the oval office, a pig, unwilling to escape it's own fetid squalor.  

The lesser of the two, wholly inadequate plays at the masquerade, passing this mask for that one, yet never quite filling or fitting any of them.

 There can be no doubt as to the importance 
of the date November 8th 2016. 
Tomorrow, Americans, from coast to coast, sea to shining sea, will either declare that the shots fired at concord and Lexington still stand for FREEDOM over 200 years later.  Shots fired, in word and deed, by free men whose stand against tyranny planted the seeds from which sprung a great nation unlike any other before or since.  

A country where any man or woman, can by the strength of will or depth of character, may rise from modest beginnings to climb the highest peaks of business, society, or politics.

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   Yet, by the setting of the sun tomorrow November 8th 2016 the Presidential election will either be the beginning of an epoch of accountability, the return of the rule of law for both poor and RICH, or it will be the end whose headstone will read....

"Here once stood the Republic... 

They could not keep it."
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Over 90 million Americans are out of work. Nearly a third of the country is on some type of governmental assistance.  obamacare has finally thrown off the thin veneer of 'help for the poor' to reveal itself as a contagion, which is identified singularly by stratospheric rises in healthcare costs.  All to borne by the meagerly employed, financially impoverished, vanishing working-class Americans, who can least afford the present administration's inability to lead. 

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Let us not forget the blood that was shed, the lives sacrificed, the wars fought both foreign and domestic, all so that on November 8th 2016 Americans still have one last chance to restore the Republic for which FREEDOM stands. 

Let us pray that the crime family does not, yet again, seize the White House tomorrow....

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May GOD have Mercy tomorrow, on this country and it's people. Let not the Republic fall into the hands of a lesser being...    
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