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The Rape of Europe through the tears of a 10 year old Boy

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A muslim immigrant, a 20-year-old Iraqi refugee,  brutally raped, beat, and sodomized his victim in a toilet cubicle at the Theresienbad swimming pool in Vienna, Austria on 12/2/2015 has had his conviction overturned after judges said the Iraqi muslim immigrant purported that the young child consented.

The Law in Austria is
The general age of consent in Austria is 14, as specified by Section 206 of the penal code. (The term unmündig is specified in Section 74 of the penal code.) Paragraph 4 of Section 206 defines a close-in-age exception of max. three years.
However, Section 207b of the penal code contains an exception to the general age of consent: if one of the partners is younger than 16 years of age and "not sufficiently mature to understand the significance of the act", then the act is punishable by two years imprisonment (Section 208a Penal Code).

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Bruised, with his eye swollen from repeated blows, covered in his own blood, with feces running down his legs, the sobbing child reported the rape to a lifeguard and his attacker was arrested at the scene, reportedly telling officers in initial interviews that he was experiencing a “sexual emergency” because he had not raped anyone for several months.

The "sexual emergency" or need to rape unwilling women and children experienced by the rapefugee was apparently similar to the need to rape experienced by 2,000 rapefugees in the German city of Cologne on New Year's Eve 2016, when they publicly raped 1,200 German women as emasculated German men. While, the German police stood by and did nothing...

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Apparently some of the women were not raped they merely had multiple men grab their breasts and shove their hands and fingers in their rectum and vagina. This, the German police said, was not rape but merely  groping.  The German police said that the women who were 'MERELY' grouped, simple need to toughen up.

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The German government was mildly irritated by the mass rapes and groping that occurred in Cologne on New Year's Eve 2016 . So, they decided to produce an illustrated pamphlet to hand to the muslim immigrants. Now, the muslim immigrants will be able to rape German women properly next time around.  

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Not to be outdone, Austria has now decided to join its German brethren in refusing to defend even children from homosexual rape.  Even though Austrian law dictates that the age of consent in 14 years old.   

So, as to not offend the muslim immigrants the Austrian government has decided that a 10 year old boy screaming for help, crying for him mommy to save him, as blood and feces is running down his legs, is actually a child's way of showing "juvenile-consent"

With ZERO concern for the ten year old rape victim, nor the law abiding citizens of Austria the Austrian Supreme Court overturned the rape conviction and ordered a re-trial on the charge.

The Austrian Supreme Court judges ruled that the first court should have established whether the attacker thought his victim agreed to being viciously raped and sodomized, and or, intended to act against the boy’s will.
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AGAIN!!! the law states in Austria that a 10 year old boy cannot give consent.  So, EVEN, and this is a ludicrous EVEN, if the boy did consent, he did not have the legal authority to consent. So irregardless of the muslim rapists sick twisted concept of consent, the law states that the 10 year old boy in not old enough, nor mature enough, to give consent.

We are in fact now witnessing the deliberate extermination of white Europeans and their culture and civilization. It is bad enough that Europe is being inundated by hordes of muslim rapists whose religion and ethnicity are totally incompatible with the West.  

Most egregious of all is the total lack of will to fight or resist on the part of the Europeans themselves.

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Forget the Austrian government, for assuredly the Austrian government has abandoned the Austrian people. The citizens of Austria, are the very people who should come first, second, and third before ANY muslim rapists.  

Where are the Austrian MEN/Fathers/Brothers/Sons? Why are they NOT taking matters into their own hands?

Where are the Austrian WOMEN/Mothers/Daughters/Sisters? Why are they NOT taking matters into their own hands?

I assure you if ANYONE raped my 10 year old child, I would not need, nor would I seek, the authorities to procure justice.  

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