Friday, November 18, 2016

Say NO to the "Snoopers Charter"

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 Theresa May  Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and her constituents Conservative Party are about pass one of the most terrifying and dangerous security bills in the county's history. 
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Nicknamed the "Snoopers Charter" this bill will force UK ISPs (Internet Service Providers) to store every one of their customer's browsing history for up to a year. Every website, every web-page, every email, every comment, every key-stroke. 
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The Draft Communications Data Bill ("Snoopers Charter") creates Orwellian powers  to compel any 'communications service provider' to collect and retain additional information about their users. Current data retention obligations require ISPs to retain data collected for business purposes for longer than normal. Under the new bill, any organization that interacts with users and produces or transmits electronic communications could be compelled to collect and retain information.

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The bill will use Deep packet inspection is a form of computer network packet filtering that examines the data part. The bill creates legislative basis for a "giant database" creating arrangements to interrogate and match data from vastly different data sources, which is simply..."vacuuming up huge amounts of unrelated public data putting at risk innocent people's privacy. 

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The bill would also change the authorizations given to police officers under RIPA. Instead of individual data requests, officer would be granted blanket powers once a month to seize any and all data in a geographic area irregardless of guilt or innocence. 

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The legislation has deliberately been written so vaguely it can and will, most certainly, be readily abused. By law ISPs would also need to give immediate access and decryption on a person's data on demand and would also allow government to hack into personal devices and personal computers on demand.

 "If you have nothing to fear, you have nothing to hide" is the catch phrase being used to disarm opponents of the draconian bill. The problem with that mindset is what happens when the political winds shift and suddenly a legal, accepted belief, idea, nationality, or religion suddenly becomes illegal. 

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Human Rights groups, Silicon Tech companies and even representatives of the United Nations vigorously oppose this law. However the United Kingdom is the test bed for global social engineering.  Brittan has become, by design, the most intrusive, invasive, surveillance state on the planet.  What happens in Brittan soon finds it way across the pond in just a few short years. 

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