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Possible False Flag November 7th 2016

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How convenient for Hillary Clinton CBS News has learned about a potential terror threat for the day before the election.  U.S. intelligence has alerted joint terrorism task forces that al Qaeda or some home grown extremists could be planning attacks in three states for Monday.

It is believed New York, Texas and Virginia are all possible targets, though no specific locations are mentioned. A U.S. law enforcement source briefed on the threat information said that the threat is possibly legitimate. Big surprise there is a total lack of specificity.

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With the US Presidential election too close to call it's  sheer coincidence that such an attack would be announced by the government itself, timed to take place just one day before the American people elect  Donald Trump as President.

 According to another report ABC News, a source told the news organization that these attacks will be linked to "homegrown violent extremists." (Which will of course be WHITE, CHRISTIAN, MALE GUN OWNERS)

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This is, of course, a scripted narrative cover story to pre-blame gun owners, Christians, Males, and finally Trump supporters for the terror attacks. Which are actually carried out by rouge operatives within the government itself.

Monday is a work day, and a work day has been specifically chosen because the attacks will obviously target office buildings or schools where lots of people are packed into the buildings.

This points to the attacks taking place in downtown locations in the large cities of Texas, New York and Virginia. In large cities, attacks carried out by the government against their own people have a larger impact in terms of blood, body bags and lots of screaming, all caught on video.

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The kind of attacks the government is likely to use in downtown office buildings or schools include:

• Mass shootings (which also makes it easy to blame Whites, gun right activits, Christians, Males, especially if they can pretend murder a lot of non-existent children in the process.)

• High explosive bombings (with a convenient White supremacists militia patsies ready to take the blame.)

• Fake Dirty bomb weapons (combination of Fake radioactive isotopes mixed with conventional explosives, detonated in any high density population area).

• Fake chemical weapons (unleashed into the ventilation systems of some large buildings.)
Remember the keys in all this from the government's point of view:

1) Maximize the emotional impact of the fake crime scene.

2) Then blame the NRA, Christians, Whites, Males, etc.

3) With the caveat of disrupting, at ALL costs, the Donald Trump victory.

If you don't think the criminal Clinton Crime Family stages violence for political purposes, you aren't aware of all the violent crime admissions already caught on tape by Clinton operatives, thanks to Project Veritas
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In the videos, dozens of different Clinton operatives openly admit to money laundering, violating campaign finance laws, and most importantly, instigating acts of violence at Trump rallies to blame Trump supporters (with the whole thing being staged in front of TV news cameras).
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Committing acts of violence to blame their political enemies is ripped right out of the democrats' playbook. It's politics 101 for these leftist extremists who typify modern democrats and liberals. They LOVE committing violent acts as long as they can blame it on their political enemies. 
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Don't forget Operation 'Fast and Furious" where the ATF sold guns to Mexican Crime Cartels so that the US Government could then blame the 2nd Amendment and the NRA all in the hopes of over turning the Second Amendment. 

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