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KNOWN scandals of Hillary Clinton

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These are the KNOWN scandals  of Hillary Clinton. Can you just imagine the number of hidden fiascos that have been covered up for the good of the nation!  
When does it end with Hillary and Bill Clinton. Everyone KNOWS she and Bill are world class criminals without apology. Hillary Clinton actually reveals in the fact that she is untouchable due to her having dirt on anyone and everyone in Washington.  Even her supporters know she is LIAR and untrustworthy. 

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 The Main-stream-Media...T.V., Cable News Networks, Corporate News Network, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, ABC, Political Pundits, Liberal Radio, are fully and willfully complicit in Hillary Clinton's crimes and should be prosecuted as such. 
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While Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton used an illegal personal email server for sharing classified documents, thereby compromising national security and violating federal law.
Clinton then lied about the email server and the classified documents to Congress, the FBI and the American people.
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Clinton as Secretary of State supported Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood candidate for president of Egypt and opposed his removal from power by a pro-American, anti-Islamist coalition.
When in Arkansas and working for a private law firm, Hillary Clinton successfully defended a child rapist and then laughed about the case afterwards.
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Clinton cannot escape responsibility for the deaths of four Americans at the US embassy outpost at Benghazi on September 11, 2012 — through her denial of the additional security requested by the Americans in Benghazi and her refusal to send military forces to rescue the Americans who were under attack.
Then Clinton lied to the American people for months about the al-Qaeda planned terrorist attack on Benghazi in order to protect Obama’s re-election as President in 2012.
As Secretary of State in 2010, Hillary Clinton proposed a “drone attack” on Wikileaks founder Julian Assange– that is, proposed to murder him to stop his revelations.

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The Clinton emails and messages revealed by Wikileaks showed Clinton approving military arms going to known jihadist groups in the Middle East.
The Clinton campaign received a private “heads up” from within the Obama Justice Department about a pending email investigation– from a friend of Hillary’s campaign chairman.
Obama’s political appointees at the Justice Department have for months blocked an FBI investigation of the Clinton Foundation, seeking to delay the investigation until after November — for obvious political reasons.
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While Secretary of State, over half of the individuals Clinton met with made donations or pledges to the Clinton Foundation.
The Clinton Foundation required a $100,000 donation for anyone seeking a personal meeting with Bill Clinton.
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The FBI is now actively investigating the “pay-to-play” activities of the Clinton Foundation, which involve billions of dollars in both foreign and domestic “donations” to gain access to government contracts ad influence government policies. Those are federal crimes and will very likely result in indictments of top Clinton Foundation officials– possibly including Bill and Hillary Clinton.
Clinton has proposed abandoning the 2nd Amendment guarantee of the right to own firearms for personal protection, and has promised to appoint Supreme Court Judges who will re-write the 2nd Amendment to allow aggressive federal gun control laws.
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Clinton has publicly praised “open borders” and promised an end to immigration law enforcement and a general amnesty for all illegal aliens in her first 100 days.
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Clinton is promising expanded numbers of Syrian refugees brought to the United States, despite the fact that 99.1% of the 13,210 refugees admitted to the US in 2016 are Muslim and the FBI has said there is no way to adequately vet them for terrorist connections and sympathies.

If Hillary Clinton is elected President of the United States of America the image below will be our future...
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