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How Hillary Lost the Race for the 2016 Oval Office

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Lets look at the facts of the campaign... Hillary had no plan against Trump. She used the same rote personal attacks against Trump which his Republican rivals did...

 "He's a bigot, a racist, a blah blah blah..."

It did not stick in the primaries, and found even less traction as the general election ground on.

Trump was, and is not, a politician, as such, he did NOT not play by the political rule book. Trump was a man who lived in the real world. He worked daily to build businesses, buy and sell buildings, he made and produced tangible assets. In doing so he interacted with real Americans who did not live in ivory towers or have multiple college degrees.  This allowed Trump to both know and feel the pulse of the disgruntled electorate. 

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In my estimation there was two possible avenues of Hillary Clinton defeating Donald Trump.  

 The one path, which I strongly felt had the best chance of defeating Trump, was  Bernie Sanders winning the Democratic nomination. He had an  anti-establishment air about him, which the electorate was hungering to elect. Yet because of the Clinton Crime family excluding all others Bernie fell by the way side.    

The next path to a Democratic victory lay with Hillary Clinton taking Bernie Sanders as her running mate.  Had he been the Democratic VP, the strength of the Clinton machine, married to his broad voter appeal, with both younger and older voters, would have been devastating to the Republican nominee. 

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Hillary Clinton is a very unlikable, untrustworthy, and down right lack of any zeal or charisma was her undoing.  Because of that, Bernie Sanders supporters voters refused to vote Hillary.  Sanders at the very end of his fight for the Democratic nomination betrayed his constituency who had invested so much in his campaign.  After so much vitriol and rancor between him and the Democratic nominee, Bernie's supports balked when he asked them to forget everything he previously said and NOW... simply vote for Hillary.  A very large number of Bernie Sanders voters felt used and abandoned by him.  Pictures of him in a brand new red Maserati after his abdication did not help things at all.  As such Sanders supporters switched there votes to Donald Trump. 

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After Bernie Sanders left the picture what was Hillary left with? No passion, no drive, no enthusiasm, no Bernie, only scandals and embarrassing emails. A literally sea of inditing emails which came in wave after wave after wave till Hillary's campaign was awash in her dirty secrets and the parties dirty laundry. 

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 Hillary's glaring weakness is her unapologetic, unfriendly character coupled with a sense of self-entitlement. In such a situation a master strategist knows the best weapon against such a person is simply to let that person be themselves. Their lack of humanity will make itself readily apparent to those looking for more then sound bites and 30 second press junkets, spaced out once every 6 months 

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Wrongly, Hillary crowed that the Republicans have been attacking her for 30 years and never been able to hurt her. She wore that as a badge of honor, she foolishly thought that made her stronger. All it really did was paint her a a cagey, Washington insider who was connected so well that she was untouchable.  Had anyone in the Clinton camp had any idea of the mood of the electorate they would have known that this was exactly the candidate the people did not want.  it was here again, that Hillary Clinton's sense of self-entitlement, her smug imagined superiority, hurt her deeply.

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Trump, and his those in his campaign, understood what the people wanted and they used Hillary's own character against her.  Crooked Hillary, Hillary the politician, Hillary the Washington inside, Hillary who thinks she is above the law.  Trump's 'Drain the Swamp' verbiage was brilliant, because it not only indited Hillary but all those supporting her, thus taking away their legitimacy. 

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Hillary was no help to herself, nor was her co-conspirator Bill Clinton. This was especially true, when, before the FBI released it's stance on Hillary's Email scandal, Bill was caught having a secret tête-à-tête for over an hour with the United States attorney general Loretta Lynch. Any first year law student knows that this was highly illegal.  Yet, the Clintons thought nothing of flaunting the law, because they knew they were above it's reach.  This was yet another example of Hillary Clinton thumbing her nose at the little people.  The Clinton's flagrant disregard for the rule of law played handily into Trump's hand further under scoring Hillary's tattered and tarnished image.

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Hillary also didn't help herself by painting any man who disagreed with her or chose not to vote for her as a sexists misogynist.  The male vote wasn't 2:1 for Trump because they were misogynists, it was because Hillary's words excluded their existence.  Ask yourself...'When did Hillary ever talk about men's issues?' Answer: never.  While Hillary thought she was being a trail blazer by playing the feminists card she was actually disenfranchising half of the American population, men.  Not a smart move in a close race where every vote.  

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