Thursday, November 03, 2016

Hector Morenco lays out Hillary's Deleted Email Scandal

Hector Morenco


 Twitter Report from Hector Morenco

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1. This election is about the globalist/marxist neo liberal mafia and their hostile takeover of the Democrat party.

2. The leadership of this cabel has used HRC and Obama as their professional politicians for implementing their goals.

3. As a way of purchasing political power over America, they have donated vast sums of money to the Clinton Foundation to leverage favors.

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4. In exchange for this money, HRC/OBAMA have used the CIA to topple small nations. (Libya, Syria, Yemen, Iraq)

5. This corruption has resulted in social chaos, war, terror, refugees and the loss of democracy and civil rights at home and abroad.

6. The Goldman Sachs/media/defence contractors arm of the Republican party are the ones who will benefit from HRC as POTUS and support her.

7. The takeover of the Democrat party and the entire US would have succeeded had it not been for HRCs private email server.

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8. HRC emails show correspondence confirming pay to play dealings from foreign governments and wealthy individuals. (TREASON)

9. Because Loretta Lynch was able to effectively shut down FBI director Comey, the takeover was nearly complete.

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10. Huma was married to a sleazy child pornographer who saved HRCs emails to use as blackmail.

11. Weiner aka Carlos Danger saved these emails in case he needed to blackmail his way out of major trouble.

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12. The HRC emails show that HRC took money from Soros, Qatar, Saudis and created global chaos.

13. The deleted emails will show the conflict of interest Obama and Hillary faced while holding public office.

14. The deleted emails will show the inner workings of the dual pipeline war raging in Syria, and HRCs involvement and personal profit.

15. The deleted emails will show the high level of involvement of the IMF in undermining Greece financial system.

16. The deleted emails will show the acceptance and use of ISIS to try and overthrow Assad in Sryia in spite of tremendous human suffering.

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17. The deleted emails will show how Qatar and Soros bailed out Deucshe Bank and how Merkel was shamed into accepting millions of refugees.

18. The deleted emails will show how AMBO Stevens attempted to stop the arms flow to ISIS and subsequent execution directed by HRC.

19. The deleted emails will show Democrats electoral strategy to use Latin American immigrants as pawns to win elections.

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20. The deleted emails will show the Iranian double cross of 150 billion dollars, Iran deal and ransom payments sent to Russia, and the start of WWIII.

21. The deleted emails will seal the fate of HRC with her and Obama possibly facing the death penalty for treason from selling state secrets . 

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