Thursday, November 17, 2016

Google, Facebook and Twitter are building Virtual Walls to Block the Freedom of Information

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Internet tech giants proposed new regulations to crack down on content this week.  This comes are a direct response of their will being thwarted;one week after Hillary Clinton suffered a stunning loss to Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election.
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Google, Facebook and Twitter announced changes this week.

Both Facebook and Google have announced that they are going to decide what they want the News to be and what they want it to say.  The Internet Tyrants are going to block and websites, which they do not like, or agree with.
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How very Hitler of google/facebook/twitter. 
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Google said they would block any and all NEWS sites which disagree with the far left party line.  google/facebook are ONLY doing this because they are trying to protect the children. google/facebook/twitter are supposedly stopping fake and misleading (By misleading they mean any website which doesn't tow THEIR party line) websites from utilizing the company’s ad-selling software, stopping their revenue.

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Now, China who partners with google and other tech giants wants to shut down the free flow of information on the world wide web.  China already boasts the world’s most sophisticated Internet censorship system. According to the Chinese Communist Party, it isn’t good enough.  They will be partnering with google to make sure that Chinese nationals and other internet users do not read or listen to any news, stories or information which the Communists government doesn't approve. 

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Twitter also announced Tuesday that it would update its “mute” function for users to hide content they do not want to see.

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 This website, , which your are currently reading has been BANNED from google add-sense; because what is written here is TRUE, unfiltered, and most certainly does NOT and will NEVER, tow the party agenda. The content of  this website is NEWS, Hidden information, and personal stories those at google/facebook would rather not reach the people. 

So, we here at rely solely on the donations of our readers.  One detractor accused this website of doing it for the money. Currently, with over 2 million visitors  last month  We have amassed a grand total of $237.00 US for the entire 9 years we have been in service to YOU the people.  Truly, we are grateful for every penny.  We desperately need the money, as some of the staff here are still at the University struggling to pay tuition, pay bills, and eat more then once a week .   

If you wish to support this website there is a PAYPAL donation button on the upper right hand corner of this web-page. 

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Here at we do not allow money to be the metric by which we do our job here.  All of us at this website strongly believe that the media is the 4th pillar of a FREE Democracy. We deeply believe that the people should know the unfiltered truth, so that they can make decisions accordingly. 

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We also would like to hear your thoughts on these matters. If there is any subject or events you would like us to write about simply drop us a line and we will get right on that. We have in the past written news stories on subjects suggested by our readers.  YOU are partners here at, your thoughts and opinions matter to us.  We work for you the people and we are GRATEFUL for your support!

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To often the people have no idea what their leaders in government, business, and the media are doing in their name.  That is why we, for the last 9 years have committed ourselves to decimating the most current, most accurate, news, stories, and personal events, which most affect the people the world over.  Sometimes we write and speculate on possible outcomes, which thankfully never materialize.  There is no story off limits, no topic to far a field, which we will not write about or speak on. 

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From Europe, to Poland, to Russia, to Sweden, to the United States, our readers span the globe.  We spend countless hours every day speaking to individuals, searching out pertinent information, digging for the truth and complying relevant and important news stories.    

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In light of google/facebook's chilling edicts from on high please, support and other websites who decimate actual propaganda-free NEWS.   The tech giants and governments, foreign and domestic, want to keep everyone in virtual sheep pens to be feed a subsistence level of party propaganda. 

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