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Current Methods of Mind Control in 2017

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Mind Control - Also known as brainwashing, programming, re-education, repetitive persuasion, serial lying & thought management, finally and most ubiquitous United States government propaganda.  Mind control in 2017 is not about a total take over of one's cognitive functions. Mind control in 2017 is seditiously sinister because of it's benign appearance.  Government propaganda, mind control starts very insidiously by making unfair and biased comparisons to an individual, group, or organization.  Mind control in 2017 still hasn't advanced past the current bipolar dynamic...Us against Them. Mostly because the un-ascended human psyche  has not advanced past the Flight or Fight paradigm.  
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In 2016 we saw during the presidential election openly biased mind control used like a cheap corner store butcher bludgeoning and hacking at an unyielding piece of meat.  The more the American public resisted the more the Main Stream Media(MSM) increased their heavy ham fisted attacks. Take for instance in the United States where recently ALL Main Stream Media(MSM) outlets partnered  with a national political committee for the advancement of a singular pro-globalists/ anti-American politician.   

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The un-evolved public were fed a 24-7 diet of the main stream media  working overtime to condition the public that Trump was not human, but a force for evil which would drag America and by extension the world into eternal darkness.  The MSM fed the American public not facts, nor information, but emotions. This is because when using mind control on a population an emotional argument is visceral, immediate and cannot be overcome easily, because it has no basis in reality.  

This is why you see grown men and women weeping and crying as they watched their candidate lose the election.  This is why you are seeing college educated individuals unable to deal with reality in any form. This is why they are reverting to a child like state and need to be in a quote 'safe space' the same an infantile children and young adolescence.
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One major factor in the failure of the most recent attempt by the collusion of a major national political party and the MSM is that the MSM as well as the political establishment has lost total informational control over the American public.  This can be seen in the massive political fallout which occurred every time Wikileaks released a new set of crippling email dumps,which exposed the seditious activities of the political candidate and that candidate's lackeys.  While, the MSM did report on the Wikileaks documents it did so only because the story was already in the public purview. To not do so would be damaging to their status as media outlets. 

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The MSM, once a vaunted institution, the 4th pillar of Democracy, has now become nothing more then the publishing arm of a national political organization and by extension a governmental propaganda machine. 

 Advancements in technology have led Americans to wisely seek pertinent information from the world wide web. The internet and it's vast trove of unfiltered, unregulated, uncontrolled information has allowed the public to see the world in a whole new way, a world without rose colored glasses.  

For those in power, the political national committees, the governmental propaganda machines, and multi-national corporations this is a serious problem.  Make no mistake the king makers, the powers behind the throne,  will not sit by quietly and allow this continue.   

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Que...2017 Mind Control

Those in the national political committee have decided that their globalist candidate lost because of this free flow of unfiltered information. 

 Those in power will NOT stand by and allow this to happen again.  They have begun their attacks. 

The MSM are now redefining news websites outside of their control as 'fake news.'   The power brokers have begun to use the MSM to promote the removal of 'Fake News' websites. The moniker 'Fake News' will be the first of many derogatory adjectives used to describe any and all FREE and unfiltered news outlets, which do not, tow the national party ideology
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The MSM with the help of Tech giants Facebook-Google-Twitter-YouTube will begin to attack the these 'Fake News' websites by defaming them in every way possible.  Soon, the MSM coupled with the Tech giants Facebook-Google-Twitter-YouTube will begin to block, to censor, and to make it impossible for these free and unfiltered new sites to reach the public at all. 

 Facebook has already started the attacks against FREE information using Heir Zuckerberg 's 7 point plan.

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1. Facebook-Google-Twitter-YouTube will classify information according to their morals and beliefs. 

2. Facebook-Google-Twitter-YouTube will allow ANYONE to tag a story or news as fake. So, any information which does not tow the party line will be erased. 

3. Facebook-Google-Twitter-YouTube will have their OWN fact checkers grading stories, news and information. Anything that disagrees with their position will be erased. 

4. At Facebook-Google-Twitter-YouTube news, stories, information must not offend anyone EVER! Unless Facebook-Google-Twitter-YouTube decides otherwise.

5. Facebook-Google-Twitter-YouTube will publish some news, information, videos, stories, but they will be labeled as suspect. Facebook-Google-Twitter-YouTube will now decide what News, information has value. 

6. Any ability to earn money by News websites, who operate outside of the approval of Facebook-Google-Twitter-YouTube will be eradicated.

7. Facebook-Google-Twitter-YouTube will partner with MSM outlets and friendly political parties to establish a certification protocols. Only those news sites with party credentials will be allowed to decimate information on the world wide web.
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A MAJOR reason obama allowed control of the internet to be removed from American hands was simple.  Now, that the internet is no longer under American control the 1st Amendment to the US Constitution no longer applies.  

obama and his handlers understood that as long as the internet was under the US Constitution blocking, removing, and censoring free and unfiltered new sites was an impossibility.
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There were US Politicians who opposed the handover. They understood that the US handover was a “giveaway of our Internet freedom.”  US Conservative groups argued that online freedom is now in serious jeopardy and allege that authoritarian governments who are members of ICANN can now with impunity inhibit freedom of speech on the Internet.   After the take over foreign governments and global corporations will have an increased voice within ICANN moving forward,  allowing them to censor, any and all,free speech.

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Heir obama did not even try to pretend that his move was anything less then governmental control over free speech.
   obama said...

"Because in an age where there’s so much active misinformation and it’s packaged very well and it looks the same when you see it on a Facebook page or you turn on your television." (notice he justifies Facebook and the MSM while disparaging all other forms of information) 

Heir obama goes on…"If everything seems to be the same and no distinctions are made, then we won’t know what to control or favor (Wow, not very subtle is he.)” 

To obama and his puppet masters, I say never forget...."The liberty of the press is indeed essential to the nature of a free state."

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