Saturday, November 26, 2016

Community Family Friendship Responsibility

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We need your help to raise funds to help someone very close to this website.  They were injured very badly in a car accident.  Because of injuries the bills have piled up and now not only are they suffering in great pain, but now they are very close to being homeless.   Literally, only a few days away from being homeless. 

While, 'Truth in Media' is our battle cry here at our website so are the words...





After all what good is this website if all it does in inform? At some point for all the countless hours spent here working to make the world a more informed, transparent, honest place we must not forget that the world is made up of individuals.  Everyday people, just like you and I, who sometimes need our help.  Stop for one second and imagine if it was you.  Wouldn't you want someone to help you?
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Help is actually easy, simple, painless.  You can Donate a single dollar/euro or ten dollars/euros or even a thousand dollars/euros or some where in between.  You can use the Paypal donation button at the top right of this page and we will get the funds to the person in need. Or you can simply go to the Go Fund Me link below

What would also help is to share this on Facebook, Twitter, Google, Reddit, because if you can't help maybe you know someone who can.  

Last month we saw 2.1 million visitors to this website. 

 Imagine if just ten percent, twenty percent or even fifty percent of our readers donated just a little bit!  We could keep someone suffering in great pain from sleeping on a park bench in the freezing cold this December.  

If you donate
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YOU get to be the Hero!

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