Thursday, October 06, 2016

Tim Kaine is the Most Dangerous Politician in Washington

Democratic U.S. vice-presidential nominee Tim Kaine announced Saturday that he knows that the Catholic Church will change its position on same-sex marriage. The Virginia senator said that just like he had changed his opinion on the issue, the Catholic Church is also likely to follow suit. Speaking at the twentieth  Annual Human Rights Campaign’s National Dinner in Washington, the (in Name Only)Roman Catholic senator reportedly said..

“I think it’s going to change because the Catholic church teaches me about a creator who, in the first chapter of Genesis, surveyed the entire world, including mankind, and said, It is very good. (Kaine, being totally ignorant of the BIBLE, forgets that GOD said that BEFORE the fall of Man.) 
“And besides,” he continued, “we are talking here about a country that was based and founded on democracy as a core value. By definition, that means that every single person and every single citizen is, scratch that, encouraged to practice his civil, religious, and above all, SEXUAL liberties to the best of their abilities.(Really show me in the United States Constitution where it says.."SEXUAL Liberties?) 

"And I’m sorry that some people don’t like it, but to deny same-sex marriage in a country that should be the first one to accept it is just pointless. And the Catholic Church should also be accepting it instead of condemning it, which is what it’s doing right now.( Last, I checked the Catholic Church was NOT condoning homosexuality)

Kaine also added that, if all else fails, “there are ways of making the Catholic Church hear to the voice of reason.” 

This is the most dangerous thing I have EVER heard out of the mouth of a United States Politician! 

Kaine went on..."At the end of the day, you know, we’re a civilized people, of course the first thing we’ll do is act nicely and ask nicely,” he said. “Then, if that doesn’t work, we’ll get serious, physical even, we will use our law and our legal system to enable ourselves to be who we are, or rather I will let the LBGT community do that.

If these words do not send a chill down your spine then you are already lost.  Hillary Clinton and her pretend Catholic partner Tim Kaine are talking about forcing Christians to give up their Faith or be FORCED, by the power of the STATE, to give up their Faith.  


Very soon a gay couple will walk into a Catholic Church and demand that the Priest marry them.  IF the Church says no then the real war will begin on Christians in America.  Because, without the 503C power to protect the finances, employees and properties, Christian Churches will go bankrupt and the State will seize all their assets. This is the hammer that will soon be used to break the Christian Faith in America.   

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