Friday, October 14, 2016

Public Service Announcement

I hate to repeat myself but is ANYBODY in America listening.  The Italian Mafia would not be this brazen. Even, criminals know you can't just commit crimes this openly and hope to get away with it.  This speaks either to the contempt Hillary Clinton and the Democrats have for Americans or that Americans have totally given up on the political process as EVER being honest.  



Tim Kaine is corrupt and he demanded to be bought off  with a V.P. slot under Hillary Clinton.  The Democrats are so corrupt that they lie, cheat and steal from each other. But, it's all good, three weeks after Hillary Clinton stole the Democratic nomination from Bernie Sanders he was SUDDENLY able to buy a 5 bedroom house in a gated community. 

Bernie Sanders fooled a lot of Americans into believing that he stood for something.  Bernie Sanders, like ever other politician, had a price and and Hillary Clinton paid it happily.  I hope he chokes on his money while the nation burns...

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