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Pig Traps

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 Pigs are highly intelligent animals, and can be quite dangerous. They are powerful beasts, very fast, and armed with fearsome tusks that can gore a man to death in short order.  Commercial traps are available, but pigs are smart, and will often be wary of a new metal object suddenly appearing in their environment, and his home-made trap was much more effective. Three sections are left up year round, and over time, the pigs learn that this metal object poses no threat, and there is frequently delicious corn, slop, and beer to be had here. The scent of the slop and beer travels a long way across the property, and over time, the pigs are conditioned to not fear the strange metal object.

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When the time comes to harvest a pig, just add a section of the fencing, refills the bowl a few times, and the pigs ignore the new section of fencing. A week or two later, he adds another section, and keeps the bowl full.  Then, put the last section up right on the trail they created, and this section has the trap door in it. 

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A screw eye is twisted into the end of a corn cob, and a cable is attached to it, and is connected to a pin that drops the door. As soon as a pig picks up the corn, the pin is pulled, the door is dropped, and the pig, and perhaps one or two or three others of his group, are trapped. Then, in the morning, you can simply walk up to the cage and dispatch the beasts with a handgun, without risk of personal injury or spending a lot of time stalking the animals in the woods with a high-power rifle.
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I can’t get the pig trap out of my head, because it is a perfect metaphor for the surveillance state our government has built. It has been erected slowly over time, one piece at a time, so as to not panic the populace. The government seems to have been wildly successful, because the American population at large seems completely unphased and unalarmed at what has been built over the last twenty or thirty years.

The government is reading and storing all of my emails? 

No big deal; I’m not a terrorist, so I am OK. 

The government is listening to and storing all my phone calls? Whatever, I don’t talk to terrorists. 

The government is tracking and storing my location? So what? I don’t go anywhere that is suspect. 

The government is targeting political enemies and surveilling journalists? 

Who cares? I’m not an activist or a partisan, so this does not affect me.

This isn’t a Republican vs. Democrat issue, it isn’t even a conservative vs. liberal issue… this is an American vs. un-American issue. Do you wish to be a free American, or will you accept becoming a slave to a massive and all-powerful police state? You are either an advocate for freedom and limited government, or you are an advocate for tyranny. There is no gray area, no middle ground to be found here. This government has slowly amassed powers over the last hundred years that would horrify the Founders of this nation.
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The United States government has purchased 1.5 billion rounds of hollow point bullets, which is enough ammunition to shoot every American in the head five times, with plenty of ammo to spare. By way of comparison, our troops in Iraq used roughly a mere 70 million rounds per year. The Social Security Administration… you know, the people that send checks to your Aunt Millie every month, has ordered 174,000 rounds of hollow-point bullets. 

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What is remarkable about these purchases is not the size of the order, but the type of ammunition procured. The US military does not use hollow point ammunition, per international treaty. And the bulk of this ammunition is 9mm and .40 caliber, which are favored by domestic law enforcement for use in their handguns and submachine guns. A purchase of this size cannot be explained away as training or a bargain-shopping bulk order… people that run up 90 trillion dollars in debt are not coupon-clippers. So the question that needs to be asked is, “Who does the government intend to shoot?

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As I write this, an estimated 100,000 citizens in Connecticut are openly defying the state’s unconstitutional “assault rifle and high capacity magazine” registration legislation, hastily passed in the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting. They are refusing to register an estimated 300 or 400 thousand weapons and potentially MILLIONS of magazines that were perfectly legal and constitutionally guaranteed the day before the law was passed. They are all now felons. 

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To put that number in perspective, the entire British army, navy, and air forces numbers right around 100,000 personnel. So you have a group of American citizens the size of the entire British military, armed to the teeth in tiny little Connecticut, and cops are putting up YouTube videos and Facebook posts saying they can’t wait for the armed raids to start.

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Virtually every law enforcement agency in America has been militarized to a degree that would horrify the Founders and offend their distaste for standing armies amongst the citizenry. SWAT teams, tactical gear, balaclava masks, body armor, grenades, night vision gear, submachine guns, and assault weapons… or more accurately, “patrol rifles”… personally, I find it fascinating that if a police officer were to hand me his “patrol rifle” at the range to try out, it would instantly transform into an “assault weapon”.
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Even more telling...local police departments are tooling up with Hummers, tanks, and armored vehicles. I’m still not sure why Hooterville needs armored vechiles, MRAP, and armored personal carriers.   Yet, this is happening across the country. And beyond that, nearly every alphabet agency in the federal government now is issuing weapons… the IRS just bought a shitload of shotguns, no doubt very useful in enforcing ObamaCare compliance. The Department of Education now has guns, the Bureau of Land Management now has guns, even the NOAA, the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration, has been armed… that’s right, the government’s fucking weather men are now issued arms. Don’t you find it striking that the same government that wants to disarm the citizenry so badly is issuing guns to schleps that couldn’t make the cut at the Channel 4 local news?

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When did the American people become the enemy of Washington D.C.?

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