Friday, October 21, 2016

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Under Please support  "Truth in Media" 
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We here at 'Gabriel's Trumpet' spend many hours a day/week sifting through enormous amounts of information trying to discern  the important news, information, fast moving trends, which is not disseminated in the Mainstream press.

Some of our stories and posts strike a never with our readers. Some posts reaffirm what some of you already suspect.  Other posts are news, which would not get out, were it not for the workers here at 'Gabriel's Trumpet.'

Most of the people who work at 'Gabriel's Trumpet' are deeply committed people working for very little. All, in the hopes, that their work here will lead to a more informed global audience. 

A more informed constituency lends itself to stability in both decision making and performance outcome.  That outcome being a public who is not caught by surprise by political, economic, and or technological information which has been withheld for the benefit of those in power.   
We need your help at 'Gabriel's Trumpet' to continue the work we do and the work we hope to do in the future.  If you have ever read a story or a post which has helped you in any way, made you Angry, Upset, Question the sanity of those in power, or even a story that made laugh a little. 

Our Goal is very small $5k  

Please consider donating. Your contribution can make the difference for an honest informed future. After all, we are in this together.  
In all the years we have been working here at 'Gabriel's Trumpet' this is only the second time we have put out requests for donations.    

Donations are badly needed and greatly appreciated!

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