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obama's panties

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obama has his effeminate panties in a bind over the recent WikiLeaks dumps that are calling out Hillary Clinton’s shaky campaign.  The closeted one is also worried about his presidential legacy being damaged.  Which, to have damage one must first have an actual legacy to damage.

In a recent interview with "Meet the Press" the creepy, clown level creepy, Joe Biden said that the U.S. would launch a “secret” cyber counter-attack against Russia in retaliation for their hacking into the DNC and other individual email accounts. I'm not sure if Biden is aware of the definition of the word secret.  After all, going on national television and informing the entire United States, approximately 340 million people of the White House's secret plan, may actually  backfire on the Vice president.   In the newest Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 5th Edition being a Democrat is considered a mental deficiency which often causes common sense impairment. 

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The WikiLeaks dumps embarrassing Hillary Clinton has gotten John Kerry threatening Ecuador, which is hosting Julian Assange in their UK embassy, to sever the WikiLeaks head’s Internet connection. Ecuador has announced that it did remove Assange’s access to the web. Even, though John Kerry publicly ordered the internet to be cut off; the State Department has denied involvement.  Again, refer to the Democrat common sense impairment syndrome. 

Since the men at WikiLeaks are not Democrats nor rank amateurs they have in place numerous back-ups.  The cut-off hasn’t slowed the steady release of embarrassing TRUE revelations about Clinton and her sleazy campaign.

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The pathetic aspect to all of this egregious idiocy is that  President obama got his dress in a twist NOT because many hundreds of thousands are being slaughtered in Syria,  NOT because of the barrel bombs or chlorine gas, NOT because of Russia’s takeover of Crimea from Ukraine, with whom we have a security treaty.
None of those insults and aggression has moved the rainbow president. 

No, miss thang in the White House is teed off that the Russians may be the source of embarrassing email leaks. Which, are all TRUE.  Leaks that confirm, for instance, that Obama lied when he said he didn’t know anything about Hillary Clinton’s private email server. (He had been regularly communicating with her via the address, using an alias.) Or that his White House did not police Hillary Clinton trolling for dollars from foreign governments while she was Secretary of State.

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There are skeptics who doubt that Russia has anything to do with the steady drip, drip of WikiLeaks revelations. The blame was thrown on Moscow almost immediately after the initial dump of emails that showed the DNC in cahoots with the Clinton camp, tipping the scales in favor of Bernie Sanders.

That news shocked Bernie Sanders supporters( And no one else) who were only grudgingly signing onto Hillary’s campaign and who are so essential to putting the former first lady over the top. So devastating were those incriminating messages that the head of the DNC, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, was forced to resign just days before she was due to gavel in the Democratic Convention.(And be hired by Hillary Clinton the SAME day)

Reeking of desperation operatives in the Clinton camp hinted the leaks came from Russia, and clumsily turned the spotlight to an absurd narrative involving Trump’s tenuous ties to Vladimir Putin. It's like the Clinton  camp isn't even trying to come up with any explanation with even a shred of plausibility.

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More recently, intelligence chief James Clapper formally accused the Russians of orchestrating the hacks into the emails of the DNC and other figures which have been published by WikiLeaks, and Guccifer 2.0.
This is the same James Clapper who in 2014 LIED bold face to Congress that the NSA was collecting metadata from Americans. Oh SNAP! The next day Edward Snowden revealed that the U.S. government was indeed collecting such information. That lie earned Clapper threats of perjury charges and a call for his resignation from Senator Rand Paul.( Which, of course, never happened. The Republicans are noting more the R.H.I.N.O.'S)

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It could well be the Russians who are behind the torrent of embarrassing emails.  Hillary Clinton in 2011 angered Putin by accusing him of perpetrating fraud in Russia’s parliamentary elections. How satisfying it must be for Putin to reveal information that shows Mrs. Clinton actively engaging in rigging American Presidential elections.

The Clinton campaign, with incredible chutzpah, recently ripped into WikiLeaks and the media for covering the damaging emails. Given that any number of email chains describe the embarrassing lengths to which national media figures and major news organizations have been willing to go to help out the Clinton candidacy, this faux outrage is masterful.

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Hillary Clinton’s message to voters: "Yes, I have said and done terrible things, illegal things, and gotten away with them. No, you can't trust anything I say or do, however you should vote for me because I wanna be President."

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