Monday, October 17, 2016

It Has Already Been Decided over 2 years ago Hillary Clinton will be the Next President of the United Sates

Why is Trump running for President? Simple, he is increasing the value of the Trump Brand.

It is NOT about, NEVER was Donald Trump becoming “president” of the United States.  Never was, folks says Ann Barnhardt.  It was pre-arranged with the Clintons as a means of re-installing the Clinton mafia in The White House while allowing Trump to evolve the Trump brand and increase the value of the Trump brand by billions of dollars.
Donald Trump began by cultivating his persona as a real estate tycoon and casino mogul in the 1980s. But that is a somewhat limited market, and also very cyclical and risky. After all, building giant skyscrapers and slapping your name on them in gold-mirror caps can only take narcissist so far.  He then decided to expand and elevate his persona by moving into entertainment – specifically reality shows – in the 1990s and 2000s. While risky and cyclical like real estate, entertainment is far LESS risky once a given entertainer has established a foothold.  Trump did that with “The Apprentice”.

Being “friends” with the Clintons, Trump saw how lucrative the political racketeering paradigm was, specifically the “speaking fees”, which are just extremely thinly-veiled bribes and payola, and the “Clinton Global Initiative”, which is a straight-up money laundering racket. But, in order for Trump to break into the world of ten-figure political racketeering, he needed to evolve his brand even further.  He needed to evolve into...
“Donald Trump: Global Statesman”.

And THAT, my dears, is why he brokered and concocted the kayfabe with the Clintons that you are now seeing. Was Trump inspired in all of this after his dabble in Professional Wrestling a few years ago?  Were his business dealings with on again-off again billionaire Vince McMahon (owner of WWF/WWE Pro Wrestling) his inspiration for the faux “presidential” run? 
Now to the “winning and losing”.  This is all fake.  Clinton is going to “win” and was always going to win no matter what because the elections themselves are a sham
I know this is really, really hard for Americans to come to grips with, but these national-level elections are all previously decided before one vote is cast. Its been like this for a long time.  

Pay Attention America
  Donald Trump wants NOTHING TO DO with being “president” of the United States.  Think about it.  What person in their right mind would want to be “president” over the next four years, as the catastrophic destabilization, the aggressive execution of the Cloward-Piven strategy comes to full flower?  As I said from the beginning, the Obama regime would, AND DID, incite a race-based civil war inside the U.S., while simultaneously destabilizing the rest of the world AND reforming and arming a new islamic Caliphate. Check. 
 The Obama regime also executed the Cloward-Piven Strategy upon the U.S. economy AND healthcare delivery system. This was done in a two-pronged attack, namely Obamacare and the dissolving of the Mexican border.  Check.
Don’t you realize that if Trump “won” and was “president” for the next four years that he would be blamed for all of the shit-hitting-the-fan that is going to happen? It would DESTROY HIS BRAND.  
Now, if Trump “loses”, as was always the plan between him and the Clintons, he STILL has all of the cache of being a nominee for “president”, and still gets his brand transformed into that of “global statesman.” 
All, without being blamed for all of the “shit hitting the fan” over the next four years, will instead be able to sit back, go on T.V. and EVERY TIME SOMETHING HORRIBLE HAPPENS, Trump will say, “If I had been President, that wouldn’t have happened. If I had been President, I would have prevented that….” And thus his brand will increase ALL THE MORE with each coming catastrophe. Ka-ching, ka-ching, ka-ching. 
 Trump only truly wins, if he “loses!”
I’d also like to point out that this brand evolution involves not just Donald Trump, but it is also pretty clear that he is setting up his kids, especially Ivanka and Eric, to eventually enter the political kayfabe as characters in their own right.  Trump is 70 years old, and understands estate planning well.  Hell, if the Clintons can set Chelsea up, who has the face of a donkey and has less then ZERO charisma, then Trump knows he can position Ivanka and Eric to be bigtime players in the political kayfabe.

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