Monday, October 24, 2016

In Union with

For the sake of the Republic for which the United States of America stands...
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 The Clintons (Soros And The Roths) Will Annihilate What's Left Of Our Country? Does America Not Understand Allowing The Clinton Crime Family Back Into The White House Will Tell The World We Will Now Formally Be A Nation Of, By, And For The Criminal Elite? 

Do Americans Not Understand They Will Lose Their Second Amendment Along With The Remainder Of the freedoms set forth in the Bill of Rights! Middle Class will be economically eviscerated And So, SO Much More?

Do Americans REALLY Not Understand Clinton Will Destroy What Obama Has Not Yet Finished? Do Americans Not Understand Why There Are No Jobs Here And Why Nearly 100 Million Citizens Have No Jobs Or That The Clinton Bolsheviks Will Tax The Hell Out Of Those Who CREATE Our Jobs And Industries And Drive More Employment Out Of The Country?
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Do Americans Not Understand the Republic Will Be Put To Death By Soros And Hillary's Illegal Aliens? That Your Towns And Cities Will Be Injected With Muslim And Somali Rapists And Criminals While You Are Asleep? Do Americans Still Not Get The Fact That These People Are Unwilling And Unable To Assimilate Into American Culture And Our (Fast-Fading) Values And Way Of Life? They destroyed their own country and NOW they will burn ours to the ground...
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Your Wives And Daughters Will Face The Constant Threat Of Horrific Rape? LOOK AT EUROPE FOR 100% PROOF OF THESE WORDS - And Then There Is World War 3 Which Clinton Has Clearly Stated Is In Her Immediate Playbook For Syria Via A No-Fly Zone And Her Pledge To Shoot Down Russian Jets? 
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We Are Talking World War 3 Thermonuclear War.

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Donald Trump ( Who is NOT perfect) Is The Last Chance The Globalists Will EVER Allow The American People To Have - Trump Was NEVER Supposed To Happen…

And It Won't Be Permitted Again

How Can ANYONE In Their Right Mind CONDONE And Accept The Crimes Of The Clinton's And Let Them Crush The Remaining Life Out Of Our Once Shining Nation? 

Vote For The Clinton's And Vote For Your Own Deaths...And The Death Of The United States Of America. These Words Are The Unassailable Truth!

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