Monday, October 31, 2016

How Hillary Clinton Became Corrupt

How Hillary Clinton Became Corrupt, one phrase..Fear of losing all the perks she and Bill had become accustomed too while in the White House. 

The video above is from Dick Morris A friend and advisor to Bill Clinton during his time as Governor of Arkansas, Morris became a political adviser to the White House after Clinton was elected president in 1992. 

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Morris encouraged Clinton to pursue third way policies of triangulation that combined traditional Republican and Democratic proposals, rhetoric, and issues so as to achieve maximum political gain and popularity. He worked as a Republican strategist before joining the Clinton administration, where he helped Clinton recover from the 1994 midterm elections by advising the President to adopt more moderate policies. 

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The president consulted Morris in secret beginning in 1994. Clinton's communications director George Stephanopoulos has said, "Over the course of the first nine months of 1995, no single person had more power over the president." 

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Morris went on to become campaign manager of Bill Clinton's successful 1996 bid for re-election as President. 

If anyone would know about the Clinton's it's Dick Morris, their former chief political advisor. 

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