Sunday, September 18, 2016

The Joy of Becoming an American Citizen

Alex Boye earns the right to join the 300 million plus citizens of the great melting pot we proudly call America.  Alex Boye is a renowned singer who family hails from Nigeria.  In this video you can see the tears streaming down his face when he is asked to stand up and sing the National Anthem of the United States of America.   

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Despite the parasites in Washington D.C., irregardless of the vacuous political dilettante denigrating the Executive Mansion, the United States of America is a beacon of hope for the poor and disenfranchised the world over. In the entire world there is no other country which inspires the hopes and dreams of so many who have so little and yet they still believe that there is a place in the sun for them.  The American dream is not just for Americans but for every Man, Woman, and Child the world over.  

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 In the entire color spectrum there are no colors like the red white and blue in Old Glory!  The colors which NEVER run STILL command the respect and honor worthy of the Stars and Stripes.  

It has been over 2000 years since the coliseum shook with thunderous cheers of "Roma est somnium vis victor."  Since that time countries have risen and fallen, never more to be heard from again.  Today we here in America at every sporting event, at every public gathering of large numbers, remember what Francis Scott Key witnessed on that fateful night of September 13–14 in 1814.

 With a heavy heart he watched the British navy bombard  American forces at Fort McHenry during the Battle of Baltimore.  As dawn rose and the gun powder cleared from the air,  He saw with watering eyes that the hollowed American flag stood strong. 

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And that is what makes America great is that even under the withering assault to our Constitution, to the Bill of Rights, to even the liberties and freedoms we hold so dear, America will still stand after the thrives, liars, and foreign politicians leave office, the Stars and Stripes will still stand.  The nations will still look to the only light of freedom still blazing strong in this world.  The American dream will endure as will its diverse people. Man, Woman, and Child, black, white, Asian, Spanish, and every mix in between we will stand strong, because it is the people, the flag, the belief that UNITED WE STAND!  We, America United are stronger for our diversity, and more powerful because of our commitment to freedom and to each other.        

R.D.Anding III

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