Thursday, September 29, 2016

Liberal Bias knows no end

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BuzzFeed a Liberal Website recently enacted a poll to see who  their readership and website visitors wanted for President.  The following is an accurate snap shot of the poll as cast by average Americans as of 9-30-2016. 

BuzzFeed asks...
Who will you be voting for in the upcoming United States presidential election?

  1. 97%
    13.1M votes
    Donald Trump

  2. 1%
    161.1K votes

  3. 1%
    152.7K votes
    I still haven’t decided…

  4. 1%
    70.k votes
    Hillary Clinton

    A day or so after putting up their poll BuzzFeed felt the need to “update” and comment of the poll, because they did not like the out come of the poll voted on by real Americans.  As such, those at BuzzFeed, like all SJW, have  decided to ignore reality and deny their own political poll by posting the assertion...

      “Update: BuzzFeed feels that this political poll no longer accurately reflects the opinions of real people.”

    As you can imagine the poll does not reflect the candidate BuzzFeed wishes to be president. 

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    Undoubtedly, BuzzFeed created this poll ABSOLUTELY believing that the “poll” would have a strong showing for their candidate Hillary Clinton. Which, if you know their demographic (Note the picture below) and the site's tendency to openly and viciously mock and criticize her opponent, you would understand that it has the SJW at BuzzFeed in melt down mode.

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