Sunday, September 25, 2016

Jeff Bezos helps Hillary Clinton Lie Cheat and Steal

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 Hillary Clinton’s new 2016 campaign book, “Stronger Together,” (ghost written... liberal propaganda) co-authored ( If you believe Hillary or  Time Kane wrote any part of this atrocious attempt at literature I got a bridge to sell you) with running mate Tim Kaine.

Turns out the book was being dragged through the mud on with a massive avalanche of negative reviews. Over 80 percent rated the liberal tripe with a generous one-star ratings and an average of only .7 percent over all.

Vacuous Clinton supporters stamped their feet with all their SJW fury lashed out at “trolls” whom they said were criticizing the book.  The Clinton supporters, all three of them, blamed the low rating on on those who oppose the Democrat’s presidential candidacy.
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With Hillary's throw away book in danger, Jeff Bezos creator and founder of rode to the rescue.  At first there were 1,200 negative reviews, with the number rocketing past 2,000 and climbing Jeff made the call on Hillary's behalf.

The next day, Thursday afternoon, with no explanation, inexplicably there were only 255 reviews.  Nearly ALL of the critical reviews were removed by Amazon, whose CEO, Jeff Bezos, owns the Washington Post.   This is the same Jeff Bezos who hired and personally paid for a veritable army of 20 investigative reporters and researchers to investigate the life of Donald Trump.

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How far must the world bend and deny the TRUTH so that the liberal left can force Hillary Clinton down the throats of the American people?

 Is it not sickening that the playing field must be slanted so precariously in Hillary Clinton's favor for even the slightest hope that she might have a chance of winning.  

If the sorry excuse for a politician, Hillary Clinton, is so wonderful and so talented why not let her stand on her own merits?   Why must everything she is involved in be rigged so that she has the remotest chance of winning? 
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Let Americans decide who they want in office without all the dirty tricks, deception, and political chicanery. Shame on Jeff Bezos for helping the sleazy Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton lie to the American people by selling her fake book written by one of her under paid staffers. 

Thankfully,  the FAKE Clinton propaganda book,  has more negative, one-star responses, then positive by 5 to 1.

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