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Kash's Story

The current recommendations of the CDC vaccine schedule – which currently promotes the injecting of 49 doses of various vaccines before a child turns 6 years old. The number of parents opting out of the onslaught of childhood vaccinations has doubled since 2009. As vaccine use plummets, state legislatures are trying to find new ways to bully parents into the vaccination cycle.

A new bill in Ohio (HB 564) seeks to intimidate parents into vaccine compliance by forcing them to be re-educated about the benefits of vaccines. Ohio parents will no longer be allowed to send their children to public schools unless they see a state-licensed medical doctor first to receive such re-education. If the parent objects to a vaccine, and determines it's not worth the risk to their child, they will no longer get to make that choice freely. This law will put parents under the control of the medical system by denying any philosophical exemption the parent may have.

Since vaccines are a medical procedure, informed consent should always be required. However, if this law were to pass, the government could make extremely risky medical decisions without parental consent. HB 564 allows school administrators to vaccinate children without parental consent, if officials deem it necessary.

The state is claiming ownership of children's bodies, trampling on the natural rights and convictions of parents

If Ohio parents object to a vaccine, they will be required by law to report to and get permission from a state-licensed medical doctor. The doctor is then required by the state to bully the parents with pro-pharmaceutical propaganda that makes vaccines look like perfect medical science. If the parents still object to the vaccine after the doctor has tried to forcibly brainwash them, they can then try to obtain a "religious exemption." At this stage, many parents will just go along to get along because it's easier to comply than argue with a doctor or be investigated, harassed, and/or profiled.

Under the pressure of this new medical system dictate, it will be easier for parents to just let go of their natural born rights and throw away their own education, experiences and convictions on vaccines. If parents continue to object, doctors will easily feel threatened and may attempt to call in the CPS to kidnap the child and put them into state custody. This is a growing problem around the country.

At the end of day, parents won't be able to obtain a "religious exemption" to the vaccines unless the medical doctor and the state give them permission. In this way, parents are being turned into slaves of the state, and essentially slaves of the pharmaceutical companies which ultimately control the science, the law and the minds of medical professionals.

Most disturbingly, the state is essentially claiming ownership over children's bodies. If parents want to use the public school education system (most parents have no choice), they must sign their sovereign, parental rights away to the state, subjecting their children to being pincushions for endless vaccine and pharmaceutical experiments.

Parents don't need permission to raise healthy and independent children

Why should parents be forced to vaccinate their children endlessly for benign illnesses that the body can build natural, lifelong immunity to?

Why should parents be forced to retrain their child's entire immune system (weakening natural first line defenses) with ongoing shots?

Why should parents fear diseases that have statistically been overcome in communities with proper hygiene, sanitation and nutrition?

How many micrograms of aluminum are in those 49 vaccine doses, and how do they affect children's neurological development?

Soon, in Ohio, the medical establishment will soon have the authority of the law to ram pro-vaccine propaganda down parents' throats, intimidating them into vaccine compliance, barring their children from public school attendance, or vaccinating them against a parent's will.

Vaccines (singularly or in compounding doses) can damage children subtly, dramatically or permanently for their life and YOURS... 

Kash 5.1

 Kash's MMR Vaccine Story

Kerri’s narrative (Kash’s mother):
On June 23rd, we took our son into the pediatrician’s office to receive his one-year vaccines. We were getting ready to go on vacation and we wanted to get it over with since they were already late. Just like most other parents, I dreaded these appointments. I couldn’t stand taking my sweet, smiling, cheerful child into the doctor to have him poked and prodded, but I didn’t know I had a choice. I ran a home-based child care facility and I thought immunizations had to be current for that, as well as future schooling, camps, etc. Kash is the youngest of 5 siblings, all of whom have been vaccinated, and we never had issues, so unfortunately, I didn’t put much thought into doing any of my own research.

Kash was immunized, I got him dressed, and we both left the doctors office in tears. The next morning I was cuddling with Kash when he first woke up, and he began to vomit. When he finished, I turned him over and tried to get him to communicate with me, or even respond, and I got nothing from him but a blank stare. His body was limp, he was staring off into space, and he wouldn’t even acknowledge his own name. Knowing something wasn’t right, we took him to the closest ER, which was about 5 minutes away. After evaluating him the attending physician told us that more than likely Kash had suffered a seizure due to “system overload” from his vaccines the day before. We were told to take him home, let him rest, keep an eye on him, but that everything SHOULD BE okay.
Kash 2
Above: The last picture taken of Kash normal and healthy before his PICU emergency.

A couple of days later we left for our family vacation. Eight hours of driving and Kash screamed all the way. We couldn’t figure out what was going on because he was always such a delightful and passive child, and this was completely out of the norm for him. Over the next week, Kash was extremely fussy, broke out in a rash, and ran a fever. With any change in his personality or health, I called back home to his pediatrician who instructed me to treat with Benadryl and Tylenol. After a week of being on vacation with a fussy child and not in our own environment, it was time to make the long trip back home. Once again, eight hours in the car, and eight hours of Kash screaming. By the time we got home, we were all exhausted and decided to go to bed.

The following day, July 4th 2010, Kash woke up fussy and running a slight fever. I got up with him, gave him a dose of Motrin, and since we had a big day of celebrating ahead of us, I decided to lay down and take a nap with Kash. I took him into my room to nap with me while my husband and our other children went about their day. About an hour later, I was awoken by the most horrifying sound that I’ve ever heard….it was my baby screaming and convulsing at the same time. I shook him and screamed his name several times, neither of which he responded to. I didn’t know what to do, so I screamed for my husband to help, grabbed my baby and began to run up the stairs with him.

I got about half way up the stairs before my husband met me. Both of us have some medical knowledge and we know that seizures shouldn’t last long, so we stood in the kitchen holding Kash, trying to comfort him, saying his name, trying to do anything to get him to come out of the seizure, but he didn’t. After a couple of minutes we decided it was best for me to stay with the other children while my husband took Kash to the nearest ER, which thank GOD is only about 5 minutes away.

Cody’s narrative (Kash’s father):

On the 4th Kash and Kerri had awoken early so they took a nap together. About 45 minutes after they went down I heard my wife scream my name along with the word “help”. I met her half way up the stairs with Kash in her arms and he was convulsing and unresponsive. I know this sounds terrible but at the time it seemed best and it was the decision I made, I put Kash in my lap and drove as fast as I could to the E.R. (about 5 miles from our home, I really felt I could get him there faster than an ambulance could arrive at our home). 

The drive to the hospital felt like hours and I spoke to Kash……yelled a few times to try and get him to come to. We arrived at the hospital and I jumped out with Kash and ran in through the ambulatory entrance where the receptionist started to tell me that I would need to enter through the front door but I interrupted her with all I could get out, “help my son is having a seizure”…

No time was wasted we were in a room and had 3 nurses and the doctor that was on in the room with us right away, I remember thinking that I felt guilty about all the other patients that were going to have to wait because we demanded all the attention for something that would have probably resolved itself (odd thought process and I was WRONG). We had to estimate his weight for medication because the seizure was too violent to get a good weight using the scales. 

The staff tried to get a line in but could not because his veins were too small and as I previously stated he was convulsing, violently, so the doctor informed me that they would have to “drill” a small hole into his shin. I remembered arguing with him that it would to painful for him and the doctor told me that in his current state he wouldn’t feel a thing. So with the hole drilled and the line started they pushed the first dose, the drug was something similar to a Valium. The doctor told me the drug would work very fast and he would come out of the seizure quickly. At this point of the visit, Kash had been seizing for about 12 minutes and 5 minutes later the doctor whispered something to a nurse and she quickly left the room. 

Kash 6.1

The doctor turned to me and told me that the medication didn’t work and that they would have to administer another dose and then told me something that didn’t register because I was distracted by the nurse that had just left the room returning with the crash cart. This is all a little fuzzy but I know Kerri was still home waiting for someone to come for the other kids and my mom had just arrived when I asked why they brought the crash cart in the doctor told me for the second time that this second dose of medication would stop his breathing……

Once again I screamed at the doctor, “don’t give him the medicine then”, and the doctor told me that seizures should never last this long (we were now at the 20 minute mark) and the longer he remains seizing the higher the chance of permanent neurological damage. So the second dose went in and he stopped breathing...

Kash 4
Above: All the Meds pumped into Kash to try and save him from the MMR Vaccine... 


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