Thursday, July 14, 2016

islam Bloody islam


BASTILLE DAY MASSACRE! At  least 80-100 dead in Nice, France terror attack as 18 Wheeler tears through innocent women and children. There are many more who are injured and suffering horribly.

The driver went on for over a mile before he ran out of bodies and road. With no where left to go, the driver exited the vehicle and began shooting indiscriminately at unarmed spectators while shouting in Arabic.  

This is just another blood soaked day in the COWARDLY history of...islam. 


The politicians who lied to the French people when they forced immigrated hundreds of thousands of murderous, blood thirsty, muslims from the middle east into France should be tried for murder.  The carnage of yet ANOTHER islamic terror attack in France is on their hands.   


There are NO refugees streaming into France only INVADERS.  When a foreign occupying  force comes into a country the first objective is to subdue it with fear and bloodshed.  


The French people are being subjugated on 2 fronts. The French government is coming down harshly on ANYONE who dares to oppose the extermination of French culture. Then, you have the muslim invaders who threaten violence at every turn if they don't get their way.



Europe has been betrayed by those charged with leading it.  TPTB are only afraid of one demographic on this planet, White European Culture, and as such, those in power are seeing to it that White European Culture is being erased from the planet. 

In 50-75 years Europe will be totally muslim.  Any vestiges of White European Culture will be assimilated by the ravaging hordes from the middle east.  Then, the true subjugation will begin.

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