Saturday, July 09, 2016

Donald Trump speaks on the crisis in Dallas

The above statement released by Presidential Candidate Donald Trump on the crisis in Dallas and the deteriorating race relations in America is a straight forward honest assessment of America need for strong leadership. 

Donald Trump pulls no punches when hes states that is is ALL of America's duty to make sure that both Police officers and American citizens have the right to live in a country without violence and without rising crime and rising death tolls in our cities.

I can NOT state this enough America needs a strong steady leader in the White Hose. Our country has fallen time and again for weak, divisive politicians who pander to every special interest group with a fistful of dollars. America needs a POTUS who won't attack the Bill of Rights every time these radical nut jobs take innocent lives.

 Sometimes, evil rears it's ugly head in the world, when that happens, what we need is a Leader that will not pander to the far left and blame the victims.  Such as what Hillary Clinton did on July 8th on CNN when she blamed white people for the Slaughter of White Police officers in Dallas by a African American Black Lives Matters (BLM) Domestic terrorist. 

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