Monday, July 18, 2016

An Intimate Story of African American Violence against Whites

When Ross Capicchioni was 17, he was lured into a bad neighborhood in Detroit's notorious east side by his African American friend.  Ross's BLACK friend shot him three times, smashed his face with the butt of a shotgun and left for dead. 

The 18 year old African American male shot Ross Capicchioni because he wanted to join a local Detroit BLACK gang. The only way to join was to shoot and kill a white person.  So, the 18 year old African American male, under pretense,  asked
Ross Capicchioni for a ride to his cousin's house.

After arriving at deserted part of old Detroit that's when the The 18 year old African American male committed his cowardly act.  Afterwards, to add insult to injury, Ross's attacker stole his car.

 At his sentencing the BLACK male and his family mocked and jeered Ross for testifying in open court. The called Ross a snitch because he chose to allow the Criminal Justice system to give his justice.   

Ross Capicchioni's African American assailant is currently serving 35 years in State Prison.

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