Saturday, June 04, 2016

Time Warner bites the hand that feeds it

A former Marine says he was fired from his contract job with Time Warner Cable in Charlotte after he lowered the American flag to half-staff on Memorial Day.

 Allen Thornwell said that he was thinking about his best friend, a former Marine who he says killed himself two years ago after he returned stateside.

The 29-year-old Thornwell was fired Tuesday. The placement service that arranged the job for Thornwell said Time Warner stated: 

"We disturbed by what was termed him "passion for the American  flag and (his) political affiliation."

Do you read that? An American company who no longer feels it needs to have ANY respect, affiliation with the United States of America and those who served to keep her FREE! 

Time Warner feels it is above such petty things as National sovereignty, Patriotism, and honoring those who gave their lives so that Time Warner can mock the very American's who keep them safe and free.  After all, Time Warner owns so many  Congressmen and the Senators any semblance of free and fair trade, respect for American soldiers are beneath it.  

Thornwell said he remains in shock over his firing. A Time Warner Cable spokesman confirmed Friday that the former Marine "was no longer under contract" with the company but declined further comment.

If you think this is WRONG I ask you to call the contact for Time Warner in North Carolina and tell them that Americans back  Allen Thornwell. Tell Time Warner who thinks it's above such small things as the United States of America and FALLEN Marines what you really think of them...



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