Monday, June 27, 2016

Michelle Obama is a Man named Michael LaVaughn Robinson

Since they’ve been in the White House, Barack and Michelle-Michael obama have done everything they can to keep their daughters out of the public light. We have seen fewer pictures of the first daughters than ever before.

The truth is that the obamas two daughters were adopted. Similar to their father's missing, non-existent, birth certificate there are no valid records of their birth. In fact, searches for their birth records online come up completely empty.

Further,in all of the wedding photos from the presidential couple, none of them show pictures of Michelle pregnant or with her newborn daughters both are noticeably missing. The photos  would be impossible because michelle is a Transsexual man named Michael LaVaughn Robinson.

The Obamas insist that their daughters were delivered by a family friend, Dr. Anita Blanchard, but no record of that can be found. Again, michelle obama is a Tranny name Michael LaVaughn Robinson. Which, if you are keeping score makes barrack obama a homosexual male  married to a Tranny.

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