Sunday, June 12, 2016

If obama had a son...Omar Matten

The Orlando Terrorist Omar Matten was a Radical Muslim and a Registered Democrat who supported Hillary Clinton for President. The Orlando Jihadist Omar Matten was radicalized by New Back Panther Party Member, Marcus Dwayne Robertson. (See Below)

Marcus Dwayne Robertson is a known advocate of radical Islam in Florida and was formerly famous for being a bodyguard for the Blind Sheik.

Rep. Adam Schiff(D-Calif.), member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, said he was briefed Sunday and told that local law enforcement officials said the gunman had “declared his allegiance to ISIS.”

The FBI was warned 3 days in advance that an attack was going to happen in Florida.  As usual, just like after 9/11 the FBI did nothing with the information till AFTER Americans were needlessly slaughtered.


  Thoughts, Questions,Anger from those who were there in Orlando...

1. Witness at the scene were screaming...You Cops take an OATH to put their lives on the line
How many more innocent people were SLAUGHTERED during the 3 hours it took the Cops, who hid like cowards outside the club, to act? 


2. Some Witnesses said Families Should SUE The Orlando Police Chief & Department For
Gross Negligence, Public Endangerment & Dereliction of duty.

One escapee found Cops outside & yelled 'Why Aren't
You Going In?!?"
As screams and gunfire continued unchecked from inside the club. 


3. One brave security guard with a gun might have
saved a lot of lives in that night club. Better yet, if some of the
patrons were armed or even the bartender or manager.

4. Why did it take chickenshit cowardly Cops 3 hours to go in? How many lives were lost because the Cops waited for over 3 hours?

Never forget, when seconds count Cops are minutes away...

5. In Orlando it was 3 hours before those inside the club could expect help. How many people died needlessly while the Cowardly Cops did nothing?



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