Wednesday, April 20, 2016

White Privilege is a Lie From the Left to Silence All White People

 The video above explains why the Lie of White Privilege is completely false.  Ben Shapiro does so using COMMON SENSE, something in very short supply on the Left.

 If you grow up with a white single mother in a housing project in New Orleans, you’re not going to have access to the same type of opportunities, resources at home as a rich kid (white or black) from Long Island.  Poor white students will never be able to qualify for the massive numbers of minority scholarships, and thus have no privileges.  while Truthfully, upper middle class black students have a plethora of opportunities that would not be available to them if they were white. 
There is a great push nationwide to diversify industries that are “too white.” There is no such push to diversity industries where white people are underrepresented.  I see no one suing the NBA because it has too many people of color.  Where's the White Privilege in the NBA, NFL, Heavyweight boxing?  Where's the white privilege in main stream rap music?
You can’t do anything anymore without pressing 1 for English. Notices at school are sent home in English and Spanish. But nothing is sent home in Polish, Albanian, Russian, or Lithuanian. Thus immigrants from those predominantly white countries are forced to learn the language, while Spanish speaking immigrants are given tools to assimilate. Many of these white immigrants have left jobs as doctors and other respected professions in their homelands, and work at McDonald’s in America. If white privilege were a real thing (Which it is NOT)  these immigrants would come to America and instantly find well paying jobs, and society would provide accommodations for them in their native language.  

The majority of welfare recipients in America are white. There are millions upon millions of white Americans living below the poverty line. Take a quick trip through Kentucky or West Virginia and watch what you see.  You’ll be greeted by thousands of white people living in trailers, who qualify for every form of public assistance that poor people of color do. If white privilege were a real thing, these people would use it to move out of their trailer park, and into a comfortable home in suburbia.
 Almost every white person in this country is a descendant of a post-antebellum European immigrant.  White privilege assumes that ALL white folk enjoy the long term benefits of slavery and segregation. But the vast majority of white people in America are descendants of European immigrants who came here AFTER the Civil War. Nearly 1 in 3 Americans can trace their roots to Ellis Island, which did not open until the 1892. Most were greeted by “natives” who refused to hire them and discriminated against them based on their country of origin. If white privilege were a real thing, then every white person living in America would be directly benefiting from the slave owning history of their white ancestors.

Almost every time you took a standardized test or filled out a job application, you were forced to identify which race you identified with. Not once in the history of mankind has it ever been beneficial to check off the box for white. By checking the box for white, you are well aware that this can only hurt you. At best it will have no effect. But they are asking you that question for a reason. Because everyone is looking to diversify, and no one is looking to hire another white person. If white privilege were a real thing, white folks would LICKING THEIR CHOPS to fill that the “white” box.
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