Sunday, February 28, 2016

The Fix is In

While most of us already know the system is rigged and our votes aren’t worth the electronic voting machine we type them into regardless of which side of the carpet we’re voting on.  

This Democrat party's nomination between Hillary vs. Bernie has proven, without a doubt, that the American people's vote are meaningless.

Hillary will win the Dem nomination no matter what because she already has all the super delegates. 

The party Democrats have already been told by the DNC chair that their votes are worthless.   It’s blatant and overt and everyone knows it.  Hillary already has all the super delegates in her pocket so there’s no way Bernie can possibly win anyway.
So why are they even continuing this charade?

If you think Bernie Sanders is riding high after a commanding victory in New Hampshire and virtual tie in Iowa, it’s all an illusion.
Bernie is up 36 to 32 in the delegate count, but add the “super” delegates, and Clinton is absolutely crushing him. Those delegates aren’t bound to their state results, and have free reign to vote at the convention for whomever they want. The American Democratic voter has no say in the party's nomination.  The American people are NOT party to the election process.  The Democratic Party has finally tipped the scale into open Communism. 
According to The Associated Press, the total with those all-powerful super-voters – Clinton’s up 481 to 55.

The American Democratic voter does NOT matter! You can feel all the Bern you want, but you are just a slave, and slaves have no voice in politics.  

The reality is your vote has ZERO value!
Hillary does not even need people misplacing votes, cheating at coin tosses or card draws.

The backroom deals have been made. The system is rigged.
Why don’t they just go ahead and hold the queen’s coronation ceremony now?

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