Thursday, February 04, 2016

Let Freedom Ring Forth

In the land of the free and the home of the brave, during the month of January, the American people, using their GOD given 2nd Amendment rights broke all previous January firearms sales records.

The FBI conducted more gun-related background checks this January than in any other January since the Federal gun registration system was created. 

With 2,545,802 checks processed through the National Instant Background Check System, January 2016 beat the previous record, set in January 2013, by 50,326 checks. 

Though January’s number represents a drop from the all-time single month record set in December 2015, it is also marks the ninth month in a row that has set a record. It is also the third month in a row with more than two million background checks.
The American people understand that freedom is a personal responsibility.  Safety and security are NOT the domain of the government nor the police.  It is the duty of each American to protect their own family and property. 

It is heartening to see that Americans by and large understand the fact that the current administration in Washington does not have their best interests in mind. 

Freedom is not Free, it is the most expensive of all American ideals.  It can only be paid for with rivers of blood, gallons of sweat, and copious amounts of tears.   When, politicians surreptitiously infringe on inalienable rights it is ALWAYS Freedom which they go seeking and creeping to exterminate in the middle of the night.   They despise FREEDOM because it is the antithesis of Fear, which is the politicians chief means of controlling the people.  

Fearful people will fall for anything Al-Qaeda, the Taliban, the boogey man, the tooth fairy, etc.    Free men are not so easily swayed by imaginary threats.  Which, is why the politician must lie, cheat and steal all in the name of protecting the children. It's always the children the politicians promise to protect, but NEVER do.  The only thing politicians want to protect is their power and that at ANY costs.  

No matter how many people have to die, no matter how many lives must be shattered it is always about power and control.  Politicians care only for themselves.   

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