Saturday, February 13, 2016

Bloomberg Hates Freedom

Comic Jackie Mason continues to be one of this election cycle’s more amusing political pundits. Rightfully so, he has set his sights on future Dictator  Michael Bloomberg.

On the former mayor’s stance on gun control, Mason figures of the billionaire: “He’s standing there with 12 bodyguards, telling you that you shouldn’t have a gun to protect you, while he has 12 guys protecting him! As if his life counts, but yours is not important?"
Going on..."If guns are not important and nobody should have a gun to protect himself, why does Bloomberg have 12 bodyguards? Why doesn’t he stand there with 12 rabbis? Why do they have guns? Instead of guns they should have pastrami sandwiches.”

The truth is Bloomberg and his cronies are NOT anti-gun. They love guns, military hardware, SWAT teams, armored vehicles, attack helicopters equipped with Forward looking infrared cameras, etc.   Bloomberg loves guns as long as the gun is in his hands.  Bloomberg loves guns when those guns are protecting him and his family.  Bloomberg loves guns when they are used to keep the people in line. 

One of Bloomberg's biggest idols is the Chinese Dictator and twentieth century Mass murder Mao Zedong.  It was Mao who said 'Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.'

Bloomberg loves guns it's Freedom he hates, NOT his freedom, YOUR Freedom.   Bloomberg doesn't like YOU, the American citizens having guns. Bloomberg hates guns because it gives the American people a means of redress against his totalitarian edicts.  

In his three terms, Dictator Bloomberg waged war on salt and soda, banned smoking in parks and pushed breast-feeding by having hospitals hide the formula.   Bloomberg also dictated that including flu shots for children mandatory. Bloomberg also dictated who can use a tanning bed. Bloomberg also outlawed are food donations to homeless shelters because the city can’t assess their salt, fat and fiber content. So, better for the homeless to starve then be fed.  Isn't it nice that Dictator Bloomberg is so concerned with the well being of his slaves.

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