Sunday, January 31, 2016

The Insanity of Political correctness

A young Danish girl is dragged to the ground by an immigrant from the middle east.  In absolute terror she fights for her life, she fights to not be brutally raped.

The 17-year-old was the victim of an attempted rape by an immigrant male who spoke English.   Bruised, battered, and in terrible pain the girl reported the brutal attack on Thursday.   

Police officer Svend Erik Lassen said: 
"He grabbed her arm and commanded her in English to come with him, but she fought for her life and broke lose from his grip.   The girl reported to the police he caught up to her as she tried to flee.  Then,  the immigrant male hit her and then forcefully pushed her to the ground.  He then began to rip her pants off shoving his hand inside her underwear.  
By the mercy of GOD she had pepper spray and was able, while the man was on top of her ripping her clothes off, to spay the male immigrant full in the face.  This action saved her life, because her would be rapists climbed off of her and fled the scene." 

You would think the Danish police would be pursuing the rapists with all means at their disposal.  

NOPE... Because the Danish government does not want to upset the new immigrant population, the investigation has taken a new turn.   Because the use of pepper spay is illegal in Denmark, the teenager will most likely face a fine or even three months in jail if charges are pressed under the country's weapons act.

Local police spokesman Knud Kirsten said: "It is illegal to be in possession of and/or using a pepper spray, so she will probably be charged."   
The fact that it saved a young 17 year old girl from being brutally raped has no bearing on the charges.  Not wanting to portray the newly arrived immigrants from the middle east in a bad light; Mr Lassen said that they will not investigating the rape. 
He also refused to comment on whether or not they will consider dropping any possible charges against the girl as the alleged action was self-defense.
Mr Lassen added: “It's up to our legal department."
Police chief Kirsten said this is a case of "illegal weapons possession, so it's the same as walking around with a switchblade.  Just because the girl was being raped is no excuse to break the law."

So in Denmark it's okay for the immigrants from the middle east to rape innocent Danish teenagers.  It is also illegal for teenage girls to defend their lives against immigrant rapists.  Because after all no one in Denmark wishes to offend the newly arrived immigrants from the middle east.  

When did the Danish people become second class citizens in their own country?  What happened to common sense and  the national pride of the Danish people?  How can the people of Denmark sit back while their politicians allow Denmark to become the rape capital of the world? 

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