Friday, January 29, 2016

Feds deliberately FAKE Oregon Militia Video Feed

All to often you hear the phrase 'False Flag.' Well, in this case the Feds are caught red handed using FAKE actors to portray the real Oregon Militia.  So, all of America has been tuned into a video feed with FAKE crisis actors who were PRETENDING to be the real Oregon militia. 

In the above video , before the camera feed could be shut off, the Feds FAKE "militia" in Oregon are asked THREE times to sign Talent Release.   When one of the Federal government FAKE crisis actors realizes that the video feed is still running; he leaps out of his chair and runs to shut off the live feed but too late, they are busted!  The credit for this ABSOLUTE bust goes to patriot James Farganne.  

 James Farganne said in his own words that the FAKE Fed video feed just did not pass muster with him. So, he began to watch closely and sure enough the Feds slipped up. 

 Here is James Farganne in his own words...

"In the pre-dawn hours of January 27, a wispy-bearded 20-something calling himself David began a series of live stream Youtube broadcasts from the Oregon standoff scene.
Ammon Bundy and other core members had been arrested that day. LaVoy Finicum had been shot dead. David claimed to number among the last remaining patriots occupying the federal sanctuary. As he and others repeated over and over, the "pussies" had all fled home.
The banter was rife with profanity. David and company chain-smoked cigarettes while vociferously professing their Christian faith and values.
With manic bravado, David gloated about his impending death. He broke into cockeyed, wing-nut "Christian Identity"-esque rants about "the false Jews" and "the true Israelites".
Something was wrong with this picture. I grew up in a Christian family in the Western United States. I grew up among noble and sober men who taught me how to comport myself with guns. The men in these live stream broadcasts were nothing like the sort that would face imminent violent death in the name of ideals. They struck me instead as posers. Ignorant, erratic, schizoid clowns. Look at 1.20 min. mark to see what I mean.
This was supposedly a tactical theater, where death could come at any moment. Yet there was nothing of the sobriety, the solemnity, that you would expect of serious, seasoned men in such a situation. None of the precision or economy of speech. Just swaggering "yeehaw" ejaculations about "muh Constitutional RIGHTS!" and exhortations to die martyrs.
I knew they had to be actors, but I needed proof. So I sat through over three hours of this nonsense. It grew more and more absurd. David and company deployed to a standoff location and cut the lights. For long periods, there was nothing but audio: more of the same hokey banter. They talked about the presence of nearby Delta Forces, which they couldn't possibly have known.
As dawn approached, they began issuing direct threats of lethal violence against federal agents. One of them even promised to "hunt down" any surviving agents "after this is all over".
Real patriots, in a real standoff situation, issuing threats like that into a broadcast device? Never.
I must mention that frequently throughout this 3-hour period, the live stream would freeze, and David would start a new one. The old one, whatever its duration, would appear on the Youtube channel's video list.
When the proof finally came, someone rushed over to the camera to cut the live stream.

What happened was this. At sunrise, as the "militia members" smoked cigarettes and hocked loogies in silence, someone entered the set and requested that these guys all sign "Talent Releases". He asked three times before one of them rushed over to the camera to turn it off."
Fed BUSTED using FAKE crisis actors to portray the real Oregon Militia.  Remember, it's all about 'Hearts and Minds.'  This is how the Mainstream media have been portraying the Oregon Militia based on the FAKE video feed.
Remember this is about...
'Hearts and Minds.' 

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