Monday, January 11, 2016

2016 Month Long Fund Raising Drive--Please Help Us Reach our Goal

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Today it’s about special interests groups who backed by corporate money  in  decides who holds all top positions in government, elected and appointed.
The American People no longer have any say what so ever in Politics.  Ignore electoral politics, which are designed and intended solely to deceive the American people.   Elections are manipulating people to believe that the new politician-parasite is going to do what the previous politician-parasite promised to do, but never did.

Voting is a waste of time, because elections are rigged.  The politician-parasites spend dump trucks full of their corporate backers monies to deceive the people into believing that 'they' the NEW politician-parasite will some how 'CHANGE' the current paradigm.  The truth is that the politician-parasite accomplish nothing, but that which they are commanded to do by their corporate backers.  


If you learn anything, remember anything, remember this...

America is a one-party state.  There is only the politician-parasites, though, they wear 2 different labels REPUBLICAN/DEMOCRAT they are simply 2 heads of the same venomous snake.  

When, you look closely the REPUBLICANS/ DEMOCRATS are indistinguishable from each other. They pretend to be at odds with one another while in the public eye.  This is all theater to convince the American public that they have the illusion of choice.

The current all invasive police state, which is being forced upon all Americans by both sides of the political isle REPUBLICAN/DEMOCRAT highlights the fact that Americans have NO say in the current political process.   The Draconian federal laws being passed against the will of the American people are enforced by powerful security forces at the federal, state and local levels to assure that the wealthy, privileged, and connected interests are exclusively served at the expense of public welfare.

Elections are farcical, exercises in comical political theater.  Democracy no longer exists for the American people.  Candidates for the nation’s top offices are cardboard cutouts of each other, distinguishable only by their disingenuous rhetoric - promises made, forgotten and broken once in office. 

The American people have come to expect the politician-parasite to lie, cheat, and steal while in office.  When, did it become ok that America's leaders are lying scumbags.
The politician-parasite state often and loudly...that the public interest be damned. It is the will of the REPUBLICANS/ DEMOCRATS that matters, not the will of the American people.   Americans are used, not served, deceived to believe politicians represent them, when in fact, the politician-parasite serve only themselves and their corporate backers.   REPUBLICANS/ DEMOCRATS a blood sucking leeches, who operate by differing corrupted standards, yet achieve unity in their enrichment of themselves while impoverishing the American people. 

The oft go too adjective the politician-parasite like to use for the American people is the term 'sheep.' This is because they believe that Americans are easily lead by their noses and exist for no other purpose then to be sheered-robbed at the whim of the REPUBLICANS/ DEMOCRATS.  This is the magnitude of disdain and contempt by which the American people are held by their representatives.

Embedded, generational, banking cartels are the true power that currently controls America.  The sad part is that the banking cartels are not even American in their genesis, they are actually foreign banking powers which own and control the American political process.  The politician-parasites serve ONLY entrenched political interests exclusively. The politician-parasite are chosen for their positions by their demonstration of their strict obedience to the banking cartels and financial backers.   Ordinary Americans thinking they, somehow, have a seat at the table are living in a fantasy world.

Government of the people, by the people and for the people has become the grandest of all hoaxes. Paid for media outlets perpetuate the myth of the American dream with all the familiar slogans and high-minded posturing. Remember...'HOPE' and 'CHANGE.'  How did that work out for you? 

America has become an corporate oligarchy mired in an orgy of political bribery.    The banking cartels have accomplished the perfect crime; a complete subversion of the American political process, achieved by buying off the politician-parasites with American tax payer money, a fait accompli


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