Tuesday, January 05, 2016

2016 Month Long Fund Raising Drive--Please Help Us Reach our Goal

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Obama said Congress, which blocked a tougher gun bill in 2013, still needs to impose new gun control measures. He noted that many of the actions he's calling for can only be imposed through legislative action. He's a liar who is over steeping his legal authority. Unless Congress stands up the American people will suffer at the hands of a defacto-king.

"Congress still needs to act," Obama said. "The folks in this room will not rest until Congress does. Because, once Congress gets on board with common-sense gun safety measures, we can reduce gun violence a whole lot." The fact that the people have spoken means nothing to king-obama. The fact that the people have voted means nothing to king-obama. The fact that the US Supreme Court has spoken by it's voting record means nothing to king-obama. The fact that there is a US Constitution with a 2nd Amendment protecting the people from a defacto-king means nothing to king-obama.  All that matters to him is his opinion...
"king-obama said, I can't wait,"
The real reason why obama can't wait is because he has purchased a $30,000,000 estate in Hawaii for after he retires.  He entered the Oval office not even worth $300,000.   His pay for the last 7 1/2 years has been $450,000.  How can he afford a 30,000,000 million dollar estate, plus, taxes, up keep, and his lavish lifestyle?  
Easily, just like the Clinton's who went into the White House nearly broke and left worth hundreds of millions of dollars.  obama has made a lot of quiet back door deals for his secret Billion dollar backers.  They have demanded gun control ahead of the coming economic collapse.
They want an American populace which is disarmed and enslaved.  This way, as the crushing economic sanctions come down, the American people will be unable to protest in any meaningful way.  
Just like the debacle of obamacare which has become an albatross on the necks of poor families who can not afford the government run healthcare costs. I personally can not afford the monthly costs of obamacare. I even voted against it and contacted my representatives in Congress who voted against obamacare.  None of that mattered because king-obama wanted it pushed through ait it got pushed through, despite what the people wanted.
Look at what happened to the Greeks when the Greek government went in an took 10% of all Greek bank deposits.  The Greek Minister of Finance even joked "What can they do? Let them scream and shout in the streets with their signs. They can not harm us, we took their guns long ago."

Make no mistake...'obama MUST obey his financial backers demands.' 
He doesn't care about the safety of Americans, freedom, or whether any children died, he cares only about fulfilling his laundry list of COMMANDS given to him by his backers before he leaves office. 

Luckily, for king-obama the Republican party has been nurtured and defanged.  99.9% of Republicans are R.H.I.N.O.'S
Republicans in Name Only

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