Friday, December 04, 2015

The White House Hates Free Citizens

Without skipping a beat, before the bodies evened cooled obama did what EVERYONE knew he would do and blame this ISLAMIC terror attack on the 2nd Amendment.  On Dec 2nd, 2015 two, maybe more, islamic terrorists committed a terror attack on law abiding US citizens.

There are over 300 million law abiding US citizens on Dec 2nd, 2015 who did not kill any other Americans in a Mass shooting.  It was obama's fellow muslims who murdered innocent Americans, yet, obama wants to blame the 2nd Amendment. 

  Every one in America knows that obama hates America and all that it stands for.  obama has on more then on occasion disparaged the constitution.

Before he was president, obama was already plotting to overturn the Constitution of the United States. In a chilling 2001 public radio interview, obama said the Constitution was a “charter of negative liberties,” full of constraints imposed upon us by our Founding Fathers.

obama then goes on to say after he become president..
“You can’t have 100-percent security and also have 100-percent privacy and zero inconvenience.  American's are too free and need some restrictions if we are to keep you safe."

 Without fail for the last 8 years obama shirks his own duty to abide by the Constitution, circumventing the separation of powers when ever he does not like the outcome that it requires.

Obama’s war in Libya. The War Powers Resolution requires the president to terminate the use of armed forces within 60 days after hostilities begin unless Congress authorizes military action. Like the Appointments Clause, the War Powers Resolution is a legislative check on executive power. But here too, Obama could not be bothered with any such restriction, evading it with the flimsiest of legalistic explanations.   

obama blatantly ignored the War Powers Resolution by claiming the United States was not engaged in “hostilities” in Libya.  His excuses was that Drones were except from the War Powers Act since they were unmanned. The Department of Justice rejected obama's interpretation  and urged him to comply with the law or face censor. 

Obama has illegally side stepped the judiciary’s constitutional function when the court would not rubber-stamped his agenda. During oral arguments on obamaCare, many of the Justices asked pointed questions about the law’s constitutionality. TPTB, the hidden globalists bankers response was to have Justice Roberts 'TALKED TOO."  That took care of any pesky legality questions. 

The evisceration of all civil liberties is the globalists end game.  TPTB want the American people chipped, drugged, and defenseless. 


That Agenda of TPTB is a One World Government, One World Banking system, with all the power concentrated into the hands of a very small elect group who will rule the world like demi-gods, little g. They will have total power over life and death and no one will be able to stop them.   

The Land of the Free, the home of the Brave, this is the last domino that needs to fall before the world is totally enslaved.  In order for that domino to fall the American people need to be put in chains.  That can't be done till the American people have been stripped of their right to keep and bear Arms.  
The 2nd Amendment has been a thorn in the side of the NWO globalists for over 200 years.  If it were not for the 2nd Amendment, America would have fallen long ago.  The 2nd Amendment is the ONLY thing standing in the way of global tyranny.  

Typical Globalists

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