Thursday, December 31, 2015

2016 Month Long Fund Raising Drive---We Need Your Help

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If you want to continue to be slaves of the banks and pay the cost of your own slavery, then let bankers continue to create money and control credit.” – Josiah Stamp

Iceland has gained the admiration of citizens worldwide.  They have accomplished this by doing that which no other nation in the world has EVER done. They have thrown off the chains of the banking cartels.  They have also begun prosecuting criminal bankers for engineering financial collapse for profit.

The Icelandic government revolted against the banking class, who drove the tiny nation into economic crisis in 2008. Their actions have shown that the world does not have to be ENSLAVED in perpetuity to an austere and criminal wealthy elite. In 2015, 26 Icelandic bankers were sentenced to prison and the government ordered a bank sale to benefit the citizenry.

Inspired by Iceland’s progress, activists in Switzerland are now making an important stand against the banking cartels and have successfully petitioned to bring an initiative to public referendum that would attack the private banks where it matters most: Their power to lend money they don’t actually have, and to create money out of thin air.

The Swiss federal government confirmed on Thursday that it would hold a plebiscite, after more than 110,000 people signed a petition calling for the central bank to be given sole power to create money in the financial system.

Switzerland is in a key position to play a revolutionary role in changing how global banking functions. In addition to being the world’s safest harbor for storing wealth, it is also home to the Bank for International Settlements (BIS)a shadowy private company owned by many of the world’s central banks, and acting as a lender to the central banks. The BIS is the very heart of global reserve banking, the policy that enables banks to lend money that does not actually exist in their bank deposits, but is instead literally created electronically from nothing whenever a bank extends a line of credit.

The campaign – led by the Swiss Sovereign Money Movement and known as the Vollgeld initiative – is designed to limit financial speculation by requiring private banks to hold 100 percent of reserves against their deposits.

This action would cripple the awesome power of the banking cartels who have until now printed money out of thin air.  It is common knowledge that almost NO bank in America has the ability to return full deposits to all of it's depositors at any one time.  The most withdrawals that could be serviced in one day at most US banks is somewhere between 15-20 percent. 
This is why during the most recent Greece banking crisis the public ATM's were only allowing withdrawals of no more the $40 dollars US, no matter how much money was in the account.   

The matter of practice in America were there to be bank runs is to shut down the banks and ATM's and declare a banking holiday.  It is also common knowledge that The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) which insure all of the American banking systems individual deposits for $250,000 US dollars; has less then 15 percent of the necessary funds.  

This is how it MONEY works for the Banking Cartels: 

When they print quite a lot of this stuff there is a boom. 

When they print too much of it, there is inflation (actually, the printing of money is inflation). 

When they stop printing it or simply hold on to it, there is a depression. 

In Switzerland, 90% of all money in circulation is electronic. Because of the emergence of electronic payment transactions, banks have regained the opportunity to simply create their own money.

 After all it's just numbers on a screen. As long as they have day to day operating money and there is no RUN on the bank. The Bank can loan money it does not have; money that is simply made up out of thin air and no one is the wiser.
Everyone needs money to live and survive.  Those who control the money supply control the world. Until the banking cartels are reigned in the world will remain enslaved to Usury.

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